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14/5/1910 Cheltenham Chronicle
"It has been agreed upon at Tetbury to try and emulate the example set in other parts of the Cotswolds to raise a troop of Baden-Powell Boy Scouts. An association has been formed with Col. Henry as president, Mr Charles Harding vice president, Mr H.Lisle-Taylor scoutmaster, Mr E.J Dance hon treasurer and Mr Wallace Munday as hon secretary. It is stated that the lads of the town are very enthusiastic about the innovation. I understand that the Tetbury association were anxious to join the Cirencester troop but that the Cirencester officials declined on the ground that they could not undertake the oversight of the Tetbury troop and also that the Tetbury folk did not in previous movements in connection with the establishment of a Church Lads Brigade show continued interest in the lads of the town but allowed it to drop. It looks as thought Tetbury will not receive any encouragement in the Boy Scout movement either from Capt Dugdale or Colonel Bathurst MP, Instructor Parry or other officers until they show marked signs of progress. When this comes about and there appears to be some prospect at present, those who show the cold shoulder now will not receive a warm welcome later on."

Established by 1923
April 1936 won the County Shield


July 1924 won the Challenge Cup
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