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'A public meeting was held here the first week in February in connection with the settlement of the Rev. John B. Brasted.  The attendance was large and gratifying.  The Rev. T. Page, Independent minister presided.  Mr Cavil, Mr Pegler, the senior deacon, Mr Mapson and the Rev J.B Brown of Cirencester conducted the services. [Baptist Magazine 1865]

1881-1888 resigned 1892

[The Baptist magazine - Page 474 Baptist Missionary Society - Religion - 1826]

'DIED July 17,1826, the venerable Mr. Joseph Burchell, of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in the 67th year of his pastorate over the Baptist Church in that town and in the 83rd year of his age.  The tenor of his course was unobtrusive, yet attractive and commanding, from his constant practical illustration of the Christian virtues, the amiableness of his temper, and the sanctity of his character' [died 17 July 1826]

Pastor for 50 years.  Grandfather of Thomas Burchell.

1823 listed in 'List of the Particular or Calvinistic Baptist churches in England' from The Baptist Magazine 1823; missionary in Jamaica for 22 years.

married Bridget UK from Kilkhampton, CON; 3 children born Redbrook, MON and Tetbury.  In Tetbury by 1851.

Vicar of Tetbury  1881-1898; born c.1838 Stapleton, GLS, son of Daniel.  Married Agnes Whereat 1868 Axbridge, SOM.  Had 10 children two of which died before 1911 census. Studied at St Marys Hall, Oxford: BA 1863; MA 1865 Rector of Holcombe, SOM; Vicar of Rishton, LAN; Vicar of Ashchurch, GLS.  Vicar of Tetbury; Vicar of Irthington, Carlisle; Vicar of Tunstall, SFK by 1911. 1891 fined for keeping a dog without a licence and for cruelty to his horse [as owner of the creature which was in the charge of A. Mann, who was also fined]

 of Cardiff College accepted pastorate of Tetbury group of churches 6/1924

Mr T.H. Jones, of Pontypool College, has accepted the unanimous invitation of the church at Tetbury.  30/9/1862 ordained 'On September 30th Mr T H Jones, of Pontypool College was ordained as pastor of the church at Tetbury.  The revs. T Jones of Chepstow, A.J.Ashworth of Uley, W Yates of Stroud and Dr Thomas of Pontypool conducted the services.  In the evening there was apublic meeting, when addresses were delivered by ther revs. F Overbury, W Yates, A Ashworth, C Deavin, T Page and Dr Thomas' [Baptist Magazine vol 54 1862]

listed in Baptist Magazine as Pastor of the congregation at Tetbury

father of George Campbell Morgan.  1860 in Ledbury, HEF, by 1861 living on The Chipping, Tetbury.  1863 at Cutwell Villa where son George  Campbell Morgan born.  By 1871 living in Roath, Wales

Particular Baptist Minister

A former woolstapler, appointed Baptist pastor in 1721 - thought to be fitted spiritually for office in the church. In 1736 author of 'A Treates of the Church of Christ' etc; in 1753 appointed trustee along with 6 others, in will of Mrs Elizabeth Seward of Bengworth, WOR, to oversee stocks and annuities for support and maintenance of particular Baptist congregations;

died in Exeter 1796?

accepted position in March 1895

An obituary for Thomas Townsend 5/10/1929 Cheltenham Chronicle

‘The funeral took place at St Saviour’s churchyard Tetbury of Mr Thomas Townsend aged 79y.  The vicar [Rev.Dr Thompson]officiated.  The deceased was well known in Tetbury, having for a number of years been the landlord of an ancient but now defunct hostelry called the Boot Inn.  Later he went into business as a farmer and haulier.’

left for Footscray, KEN from 4/12/1955

born Appledore, Dev 1808; became a sailor but gave up at the pleadings of his mother.  Became converted and subsequently baptised 1833; 1861 came to Tetbury but not long after his arrival symptons of consumption appeared.  Resigned after only a few months.  Returned to Appledore but died shortly after in 1862.