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Who Was Who

Vicar 1687-1712
presented on death of Daniel Norris May 1687, inducted Jan 1687/8; patrons seem to be Feoffees.  Buried Tetbury 23rd June 1712 and left a will naming his wife Elizabeth and two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary.  The burial entry stated he was vicar for 25 years.  Married to Widow Randle at Rodborough 21/10/1701

Vicar 1551-1556
instituted 1551

THOMAS BRAIN [1851-1937]
Baptist Minister
Feb 1900 - 1901 lived at Rock Villa, Northfield, Tetbury

Baptist Minister
'A public meeting was held here the first week in February in connection with the settlement of the Rev. John B. Brasted.  The attendance was large and gratifying.  The Rev. T. Page, Independent minister presided.  Mr Cavil, Mr Pegler, the senior deacon, Mr Mapson and the Rev J.B Brown of Cirencester conducted the services. [Baptist Magazine 1865]

ROBERT BRAY [1844-1924]
Congregational Minister
1881-1888+;  resigned 1892

Curate at Tetbury
Son of Rev.William Brownlow of Wilmslow Rectory, Cheshire; 1863 left the Anglican Church to join the Roman Catholic church; studied in Rome and was ordained priest in 1866.  He eventually became the Roman Catholic Bishop of Clifton and died whilst still in position, at Church House, Clifton.

Baptist Minister
[The Baptist magazine - Page 474 Baptist Missionary Society - Religion - 1826]
'DIED July 17,1826, the venerable Mr. Joseph Burchell, of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in the 67th year of his pastorate over the Baptist Church in that town and in the 83rd year of his age.  The tenor of his course was unobtrusive, yet attractive and commanding, from his constant practical illustration of the Christian virtues, the amiableness of his temper, and the sanctity of his character' [died 17 July 1826]
Pastor for 50 years.  Grandfather of Thomas Burchell.

Baptist Minister
1823 listed in 'List of the Particular or Calvinistic Baptist churches in England' from The Baptist Magazine 1823; missionary in Jamaica for 22 years.

GEORGE DAVIES 1851 [1824-1852]
Baptist Minister
married Bridget UK from Kilkhampton, CON; 3 children born Redbrook, MON and Tetbury.  In Tetbury by 1851.

Vicar 1792-1825
son of William of Llangattock, graduated Oxford 1779 B.A. and 1782 M.A.  A note in the register states he was elected 18th June 1792 and died 3rd April 1825.
In August 1792 appointed as a surrogate to issue marriage licences; died April 1825 at the Vicarage, aged 78, 'sincerely lamented by his relatives, and most affectionately regretted by his parishioners'; also vicar of Horsley which appointment he took in 1774.  The Oxford Journal reported that he had suffered from a paralytic affection for 17 months, but death was caused by influenza.  He had been the oldest incumbent in the diocese.

Vicar 1614-1642
William Edwards presented to vicarage of Tetbury 1614 on death of previous incumbent; patrons James I and Lord Berkeley (a minor).  A note in the parish register states he was vicar in 1616 and died 11th June 1658.

Vicar 1828-1880
born 1798 in Clifton son of Thomas & Hannah; educated at Exeter College, Oxford, B.A. 1820 M.A. 1822; ordained deacon in 1821 by Bishop of Gloucester and admitted to priest's orders the following year.  On 8/8/1828 presented by the patrons of the Vicarage of Tetbury, on the death of previous incumbent Samuel Paul Paul, and instituted to vicarage of Tetbury with St Saviour's Chapelry.  He married Harriette Paul July 1829 and lived at The Priory, The  Chipping.  Appointed Rural Dean of the deanery of Stonehouse in 1842 and honorary Canon of Gloucester Cathedral 1848.
In 1877/78 entered into a controversy with the local Wesleyan congregation by refusing to bury an infant who was baptised in the Primitive Methodist church, not recognising their ceremony as one which was defined in the  Anglican prayer book.  He should by law have buried the child but the refusal to read the service led to the Congregational congregation allowing burial in their ground, the service being performed by the Baptist Minister, Mr Bray.  Frampton offered no apology for his action until he heard the Bishop had condemned his action.  He then wrote to the Primitive Methodist Connexion stating that if he had exceeded his legal rights he was sorry.  The matter was mentioned by M.P.'s Waddy and Cross in the House of Commons.
When Rev.Canon Frampton died on 22nd September 1880 he had been vicar of Tetbury for 52 years.  The living was now worth £771 per annum and under private patronage of Mr C.Stanton.  Another source gave the value as £880.

Vicar 1728-1738
son of Richard of Cirencester; graduated Oxford 1725 B.A. and 1727 M.A. 'Dyed 9th December 1738' according to a note in the parish register.  He was buried at St Swithin's Walcot 16th December 1738.

Vicar 1543-1548

Christhopher's second wife was a widow from the Hibbert family, and a daughter by his first wife married into the same Hibbert family.

HIBBERT family
freeholders of Tetbury property in C16-17 in particular The White Hart

Vicar 1556-1577
1556 admitted perpetual vicar; 1561 also vicar of Rendcombe

Vicar 1881-1898
Born c.1838 Stapleton, GLS, son of Daniel.  Married Agnes Whereat 1868 Axbridge, SOM.  Had 10 children two of which died before 1911 census. Studied at St Marys Hall, Oxford: BA 1863; MA 1865 Rector of Holcombe, SOM; Vicar of Rishton, LAN; Vicar of Ashchurch, GLS.  Vicar of Tetbury; Vicar of Irthington, Carlisle; Vicar of Tunstall, SFK by 1911.
John George Scurfield of Hairworth, nr Darlington as patron of the Vicarage of Tetbury presented Thomas Horwood of Ashchurch, GLS on 13/1/1881 as candidate for the vacancy caused by the death of the Rev. Frampton.  In February 1881 he was inducted and shortly after announced plans for changes which were met with upset by the congregation who gathered together signatures into a 'memorial' which was sent to him to appraise him of the majorities wishes.
In 1891 he was fined for keeping a dog without a licence and for cruelty to his horse [as owner of the creature which was in the charge of A. Mann, who was also fined]


of Cardiff College accepted pastorate of Tetbury group of churches 6/1924

Baptist Minister
Mr T.H. Jones, of Pontypool College, has accepted the unanimous invitation of the church at Tetbury.  30/9/1862 ordained 'On September 30th Mr T H Jones, of Pontypool College was ordained as pastor of the church at Tetbury.  The revs. T Jones of Chepstow, A.J.Ashworth of Uley, W Yates of Stroud and Dr Thomas of Pontypool conducted the services.  In the evening there was apublic meeting, when addresses were delivered by ther revs. F Overbury, W Yates, A Ashworth, C Deavin, T Page and Dr Thomas' [Baptist Magazine vol 54 1862]

Baptist Minister 1828-1835
listed in Baptist Magazine as Pastor of the congregation at Tetbury

Congregational Minister
Father of George Campbell Morgan.  1860 in Ledbury, HEF, by 1861 living on The Chipping, Tetbury.  1863 at Cutwell Villa where son George  Campbell Morgan born.  By 1871 living in Roath, Wales

NORRIS family

Vicar 1661-1687
son of Richard Norris of Rodborough, GLS; graduated Oxford 1638 B.A. and 1642 M.A. instituted 1662 and buried Tetbury 22nd April 1687.

Vicar 1577-
presented, Queen Elizabeth patron; graduated Oxford 1574 B.A. and 1577 M.A.

Particular Baptist Minister
A former woolstapler, appointed Baptist pastor in 1721 - thought to be fitted spiritually for office in the church. In 1736 author of 'A Treates of the Church of Christ' etc; in 1753 appointed trustee along with 6 others, in will of Mrs Elizabeth Seward of Bengworth, WOR, to oversee stocks and annuities for support and maintenance of particular Baptist congregations;  died in Exeter 1796?

Vicar 1825-1828
son of Josiah (formerly Tippetts); studied at Oxford; presented by the patrons of the vicarage of Tetbury on 25/4/1825 on the death of the incumbent, Richard Davies,  and institued 25/7/1825; died August 1828.  Was ordained in 1819, curate of Didmarton and Oldbury on the Hill before being appointed vicar of Tetbury.

Vicar 1543-1548
presented by the Lay corporation of Tetbury (churchwardens William -, Ambrosius Brownyng, Robert Grene, Johannes Bowes) on death of previous incumbent; graduated Oxford 1540 B.A.; vicar of Upper Slaughter, GLS 1549

Vicar 1548

Vicar 1786-1792
instituted on death of Rev.Wickes; died on Sunday 27th May 1792 and described in his obituary 'a person of the most exemplary integrity of life and manners, and a kind and affectionate husband.'

The patronage of the vacant living was vested in the legal surviving feoffees acting for the town (R.Clarke, Mr Fisher, Nathaniel Pike) and they made it known that their intention was to have each candidate for the vacancy exhibit his abilities in the desk and the pulpit as was done a similar practice in Norwich.  This was to be done in compliance with the wishes of the town's inhabitants.
On 18th June there were four candidates for the vacancy and of the electors (seven, six of whom turned up to vote) the voting went in favour of Rev.Mr Davies who was to be then presented to the Bishop.  By August 1792 he was in his new position.

Vicar 1712-1727
son of Thomas, graduated Oxford 1696 B.A.  Signed the Oath of Allegiance in 1715.  Buried Tetbury 24th March 1726/7

T. NAPOLEON SMITH [1855-1941]
accepted position in March 1895

Publican and businessman
An obituary for Thomas Townsend 5/10/1929 Cheltenham Chronicle ‘The funeral took place at St Saviour’s churchyard Tetbury of Mr Thomas Townsend aged 79y.  The vicar [Rev.Dr Thompson] officiated.  The deceased was well known in Tetbury, having for a number of years been the landlord of an ancient but now defunct hostelry called the Boot Inn.  Later he went into business as a farmer and haulier.’

left for Footscray, KEN from 4/12/1955

Vicar 1739-1741
died 16th December 1741

CHARLES VERNON [1808-1862]
Born Appledore, Dev 1808; became a sailor but gave up at the pleadings of his mother.  Became converted and subsequently baptised 1833; 1861 came to Tetbury but not long after his arrival symptons of consumption appeared.  Resigned after only a few months.  Returned to Appledore but died shortly after in 1862.

Vicar 1583-1614
instituted 1583; Lord Berkeley patron; also vicar of Bampton, OXF; graduated Oxford 1574 B.A. 1578 M.A.

Vicar 1778-1786
son of Joseph of Tetbury, graduated Oxford 1747 B.A. and 1750 M.A.;  appointed on death of John Wight.  Rev.Wickes had been the curate of Tetbury under Rev.Wight in 1748 before becoming vicar of Hinton Blewitt and Easton Grey.  He was also vicar of Ashton Keynes with Leigh 1783-1786.  He died 31/3/1786.

Vicar 1742-1777
appointed on death of John Turner.  Rev Wight died 24th November 1777.
Had a considerable library of books in excess of 1000 volumes which passed to Samuel White, on his death in 1790 they were put up for auction with the advertisment stating the source as the Rev John  Wight.

Vicar 1727-1728
son of Ralph of Cirencester, graduated Oxford 1675 B.A. and 1676 M.A.; resigned after a year.
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