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Tetbury Families
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Roger [of Ivry] also holds at Tetbury. 23 hides which pay tax. Siward held it before 1066. In lordship 8 ploughs; 32 villageres, 2 smallholders and 2 riding men with a priest, who have between them 14 ploughs. 19 slaves; a mill at 15d; pasture at 10s; meadow 10 acres.
Roger also holds [Tetbury] Upton. 2 hides and 1 virgate which pay tax. Aelfric held from King Edward. In lordship 2 ploughs; 5 villagers and 3 smallholders with 3 ploughs. 8 slaves.
Value of these two manors before 1066 £33; now they are at revenue of £50
[Source: Domesday Book Gloucestershire; pub Phillimore 1982]

Cistercian Monastery
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p15-16]

Survey of the Borough of Tetbury

Charles I visited town
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p19]

Survey of the Borough of Tetbury

Original Town Hall built
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p35]

Charles II visited town
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p21]

James II visited town
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p21]

COMBERS given payment of 10s in 1705 to have a drink on the 'morrow after Bishop Blaize' (patron saint of Woolcombers saints day 3/2)

from 14 October to 27 April 1711 Smallpox outbreak affects near 750 inhabitants
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p26]

The Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire by Robert Atkyns published

Religious Affiliations Survey of Tetbury

Population 3115
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p52]

Iron pump erected at expense of Rev John Wright
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p37]

Auricula Feast held on 15 April
[Gloucester Journal]

On October 21st workmen were levelling the ground in The Chipping and found two Roman coins, one of Constantine the Great and the other of Magnentius the Tyrant.  It was reported that many Roman coins had previously been found on the site indicating that this was formerly inhabited by a Roman Settlement.
[Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 24/10/1771 p.3]

Bath Bridge commissioned and building started
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p49-50]

Carnation Feast held on 17 July
[Gloucester Journal]

"To be sold by auction, at the White Hart in the town of Tetbury, Gloucestershire on Wednesday the 14th of August inst. between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon, A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, and a large Stable and good offices there to belonging, situate in the said Town of Tetbury, in a Street there called Silver Street, in the several occupations of Mr Thomas Peachey, Cooper, Thomas Morris, Cooper, and George Leonard, Baker, at the yearly rent of 22l.
N.B. the above Premises are exceedingly well situated for business, and much underlet. For Particulars enquire of Mr Brooke, Attorney at Law, in Chipping Sodbury, in the said County of Gloucester.
N.B. The several and respective Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Thomas Peachey, are desired to pay the same at the White Hart, on the Day of Sale; and all persons to whom the said Thomas Peachey stands indebted, are desired to send the Particulars of their Demands to the said Mr Brooke at Sodbury, before the said 14th August, that a Dividend may be made of the Effects of the said Thomas Peachey"
[Source: Gloucester Journal [Gloucester] 12/8/1776]

The commissioners in a commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against William Bamford, late of Tetbury in the County of Gloucester, Woolstapler, Maltster, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 10th Day of October next, at 10 in the forenoon, at the house of James Savage, called the White Lion, in Tetbury aforesaid, to make a Dividend of the said Bankrupts estate and effects; when and where the creditors of the said Bankrupt, who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend. And all Claims not then proved will be disallowed.
[Source: London Gazette 29/8/1780]

The street leading from the Market Place to the Chipping Croft was widened at the expense of the Feoffes, costing around £400
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p30]

"Tetbury, Gloucestershire. To be let, and entered upon at Lady Day next, Old Stile, for a term, an old accustomed APOTHECARY'S SHOP, most commodiously situated near the Market Place in Tetbury, and has been occupied by Mr Thompson, the present tenant, almost 20 years. The house is stone and sashed, and has every convenience a tenant can desire. The Out Offices are exceeding good and roomy, viz. a new built Brewhouse, a Stable for 4 or 5 horses, and over it a large store room, 30 feet in length. There are on the Premises a good pump and very convenient spouts for catching rain water. A tenant may be accommodated with three of six acres of pasture land, if desired. The present tenants term expires at Lady Day next, Old Stile.
Further particulars may be had of Mr Carrisbrook, Woolstapler, in Tetbury.
N.B. Wanted, a middle aged man sorter, who understands sorting long and short fleeces. Such a one may meet with constant employment by applying as above. This will not be advertised again."
[Source: Gloucester Journal [Gloucester] 1/3/1784]

"For Sale by Auction by William Hayward. On Wednesday the 31st of March, Instant, and the three following days, at the house of Thomas Tyrrell, in Tetbury, all the STOCK in TRADE of the said Thomas Tyrrell, consisting of a large assortment of Haberdashery, Hosiery, Linen-drapery, and Millinery Goods, the sale to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock."
[Source: Gloucester Journal [Gloucester] 15/3/1784]

"Tetbury, Gloucestershire Sept 14. whereas a person, hereafter described, did, on Thursday the 9th Sept. instant, apply to Joseph Garraway Smith, of Tetbury aforesaid, for the hire of his horse under pretence of going to Bath and to return the same day, but hath not since been heard of, nor returned the said horse, it is therefore supposed he hath rode away with the same.
The said horse is a grey one, about 14 hands high, with a small galled knob on his back occasioned, by the saddle, plain rump where the crupper runs, short switch-tail, and goes a little foundered in his fore feet, and is full aged. Together also with bridle and saddle.
The person who hired the said horse, is a native of Staffordshire, about 50 years of age, dark complection, with short black hair, very much pitted with the small pox, about five feet eight inches high, and one leg supposed to be larger than the other; had on, when he rode away, a brown rough close bodied coat, with a red spotted waistcoat. He said he was a coach harness-maker.
This is to give notice, that if any person or persons can give intelligence of the said man and horse, or either of them, so as the said horse may be had again, or the person who rode him off may be apprehended or secured, shall, on conviction receive one guinea reward, and all reasonable charges, by applying to me, Joseph Garraway Smith."
[Source: Gloucester Journal [Gloucester] 20/9/1784]

"In consequence of the exorbitant prices at which butcher's meat and butter have by some means been kept up, notwithstanding an uncommonly abundant season, the Inhabitants of Tetbury, in Gloucestershire, and its neighbourhood, have convened a Meeting to be held at the Market house in that Town, for the purpose of entering into a written engagement to lessen the consumption of butter in their families one half and butcher's meat at least one third, and also to forbear from purchasing either, at the insolent rates at present demanded for them."
[Source: True Briton [London] 21/9/1797]

"Last week Mr Ralph, Baker of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in returning home from Cirencester market, was stopped on Tetbury Warren by some footpads, who beat him most severely, and robbed him of 16l in bills, and a silver watch; but they left two guineas in his pockets. The morning following a pair of gloves and a pistol, which it is said can be sworn to, were found near the place where the robbery was committed" 29/1/1802

"Incendiary fires: the following is a copy of a handbill "Many of the magistrates who attend the petty sessions in the town of Tetbury, having recently received anonymous letters, threatening the destruction of their lives and property, and many corn ricks and other property belonging to Colonel Kingscote, and his tenant, Mr Morse, in the parish of Kingscote, &c, having been maliciously set fire to and destroyed some time last night or this morning, notice is hereby given, that a meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Tetbury will be held on Monday at 12 o'clock at noon, for the purpose of adopting proper measures for endeavouring to detect the perpetrators of the above offences and for rendering their assistance generally to the magistrates in any manner required of them. John Ralf, bailiff, Tetbury, March 21 1840" There were about 380 sheep in the barn, when about 90 fine ewes were destroyed, but the rest escaped. A reward of 130/- has been offered for the apprehension of the offenders. A body of about 30 of the rural police marched from Cheltenham on Saturday for Rodborough."
[Source: The Times 26/3/1840]

"The neighbourhood of Tetbury is in a state of the deepest alarm from a number of notices having been sent to the majority of the respectable inhabitants, threatening to serve their property as they have that of Colonel Kingscote, which was lately burnt. Since then a farm near the town has been fired and 90 sheep were burnt to death, besides a large range of farm buildings. 150/- reward has been offered for the discovery of the author of these threatening notices."
[Source: The Times 6/4/1840]

"The first anniversary of the Dolphin Lodge, Tetbury was celebrated on Monday the 28th ult. A goodly number of the officers and brothers from Malmesbury, Stonehouse and Dursley and other neighbouring lodges attended, and, with the brothers of this lodge and many of the respectable residents of Gloucester and neighbourhood, amounting to about 115 sat down to an excellent dinner. Henry Gale Esq., P.G. of the King Athelstan Lodge, Malmesbury presided. The cloth having been withdrawn, the usual loyal toasts, with many others, were given, rapturously received, and duly honoured by the company. The chairman at great length very ably explained the benevolent objectives of the Order."
[Source: The Odd-Fellows’ Chronicle. 1844-1845]

Tetbury Institute established
[History of the Town & Parish of Tetbury; Lee, A.T.; p48]

Accession to the throne of King George V was proclaimed at Tetbury Town Hall on Wednesday 11th May at 3 o’clock. Several hundred assembled in the open space in front of the entrance to hear Mr T.S.Crew J.P. read the proclamation from the steps. The school children in attendance were given a packet of sweets courtesy of Mr Richard Holborow.
[Source: Cheltenham Chronicle 14 May 1910]

A meeting chaired by Colonel Arthur Balfour was held at The Assembly Room on 11th April. Mrs Gladstone Solomon gave a speech and a resolution was passed against votes for women, after which 50 people signed up to the Anti Suffrage League.
On 14th April Mrs Arthur Balfour held a drawing room meeting at The Close which was chaired by the Hon. Mrs Ben Bathurst, the address given as before by Mrs Gladstone Solomon. The resolution against votes for women was passed unanimously, and many joined the league. As a result a flourishing branch was started in the town with Mrs Arthur Balfour as Hon. Secretary and treasurer. The initial membership was nearly 70.
[Source: The Anti Suffrage Review May 1913 p.107]

On Christmas Eve a group of men paraded around the town carrying a cow’s head and horns, decorated with ribbons, apparently a custom having been observed from time immemorial.  Apparently attempts at the time to trace the origins of the custom had failed.

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