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St Mary


Walter Romney and Thomas Mercer, churchwardens, and parishioners William Rumney, Richard Noris, John Savage present [to the Bishops Court] that the vicar had two benefices - Tetbury and Rancombe [Rendcombe?] nevertheless they say that they have divine service at due tyme.  Those that had not received communion these months were Robert Grene, Thomas Horte, Edward Perstowe, John Howlane who also doesn't attend church, Robert Goosmore, Hughe Mowson, John Longston, Agnes Allen, Elizabeth Dibbull, Edward Harvey and Thomas Peerse. Edward Harvey was also a common drunkard.  The Vicar had not preached against the usurped power of the bishop of Rome in his open sermons.


Edward Norrys clerk compounded for the first fruits of the vicarage at Tetbury


Daniel Norris vicar


John Blisse clerk to be insituted to the vicarage of Tetbury vacant on the death of Daniel Norris