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St Mary's

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St Mary the Virgin and St Mary Magdalen
1363     Jun 30th licence for 20 marks paid to the king by Walter Walter of Tetbury, John of Weston, Ralph Hayle and John of Caldebourn of Tetbury for the alienation in mortmain by them of 24 messuages and 60 acres of land in Tettebury to a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily in the parish church of tettebury at the altar of St Mary for the good estate of the king and Queen Philippa for their souls when they shall have departed this life and for the souls of Peter of Brewys, Agnes his wife and Thomas their son. [Calendar Patent Rolls Edw.iii v.12 1.377]
1543     Vicar William Gore als Wotton died
1543     Vicar William Potter
1548     Vicar Thomas Powell
1551     Vicar Thomas Bolt
1556     Vicar Humphrey Horton
1563     Walter Romney and Thomas Mercer, churchwardens, and parishioners William Rumney, Richard Noris, John Savage present [to the Bishops Court] that the vicar had two benefices - Tetbury and Rancombe [Rendcombe?] nevertheless they say that they have divine service at due tyme. Those that had not received communion these months were Robert Grene, Thomas Horte, Edward Perstowe, John Howlane who also doesn't attend church, Robert Goosmore, Hughe Mowson, John Longston, Agnes Allen, Elizabeth Dibbull, Edward Harvey and Thomas Peerse. Edward Harvey was also a common drunkard. The Vicar had not preached against the usurped power of the bishop of Rome in his open sermons.
1577     Vicar Edward Norris
1578     Edward Norrys clerk compounded for the first fruits of the vicarage at Tetbury
1583     Vicar Henry Walmsley
1614     Vicar William Edwards
1661     Vicar Daniel Norris
1687     John Blisse clerk to be insituted to the vicarage of Tetbury vacant on the death of Daniel Norris
1712     Vicar William Scammell
1727     Vicar Ralph Willet
1728     Vicar Miles Gastrel
1739     Vicar John Turner
1742     Vicar John Wight
1778     Vicar Thomas Croome Wickes
1786     Vicar John Richards
1792     Vicar Richard Davies
1807     by his will Mr Thomas Alexander, schoolmaster of Tetbury, bequeathed his property to various charities, among which he ordered a bible to be given to every couple that was married at Tetbury church. [3/1/1807 Staffordshire Advertiser p.4]
1825     Vicar Samuel Paul Paul
1828     Vicar John Frampton
1881     Vicar Thomas George Horwood
1885     The Altar Cross, Candlesticks and Vases had been removed without permission and had to be restored to their former positions, which was complied with by Rev. Horwood.
1901     Vicar William Thomson

The Parish Church website

Monumental Inscriptions can also be searched from the parish church website

The current cockerel displayed on the left, and the former with a plaque on the right.  The plaque reads 'The original weathervane cockerel mast and cross which was removed in 1893 when the spire was rebuilt.  The cockerel is the symbol of Peter's betrayal.'
left: c.1777 or earlier
middle: c.1910
right: c.2008
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