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Sir William Romney's Secondary

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Tetbury Grammar School was founded by the legacy of Sir William Romney in 1610, of £13 to be paid annually to a schoolmaster.
A contract was drawn up on 3 February 1689 between Charles Savage, Francis Savage, Giles Stedman, John Thomas Snr, ffeoffees and Christopher Hanley as the new school master.  He had been educated at Oxford University and was to be paid the sum of £20 per annum, paid quarterly.  He was to give notice of three months if wishing to leave.
Reverend Rice Jones of Harescombe,  GLS was appointed on 29 August 1717, and in 1721 Reverend Henry Wightwick was appointed at a salary of £30.  He had a house provided but spent the 12 years between 1746 and 1758 with no salary.  The building fell into disrepair and Wightwick taught the children at his house.  As well as the charity boys he taught private boarding pupils.
The School declined toward the end of the 18th century and was eventually discontinued, mainly owing to lack of money to provide the master's salary.  

REFERENCES from Gloucester Archives
D 566/R/5/1  - date: 1721-1829  Miscellaneous papers, including agreement for increasing the schoolmaster's salary, 1721; copy of petition of the schoolmaster, the Rev. Henry Wightwick, for redress for non-payment of salary, c.1759, with case and opinion; correspondence on proposed alteration to a National School, 1828-29.

D 566/R/5/5  - date: 1737-1738  Receipts for payment for teaching at the Grammar School and for one year's Charity Money

Sir William Romney's

Reformed in 1921 after public meetings and opened in The Ferns, Long Street.  The headmasters:
1921-25 Mr R.E. Clarke.
1925-31 Mr A.E.Parsons
1931-64 Mr R.J.Woodward
1964- Mr A.H.Babbage [1917-24/11/2006]
Name of Sir William Romney was readopted,at Mr Woodwards suggestion in the 1950s
In 1969 the school left Long Street to move to a new build school on Lowfield Road which is where it still is.

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