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Plans of meeting house and burial ground from 1794 & 1800

1794 plan of the burial ground and meeting house site.  Surrounding land and property belongs to Daniel Bennet.          W.Screen lives in one cottage on the west boundary.

1800 plan of the burial ground and meeting house.  Lands and house previously in the possession of Daniel Bennet are now Samuel Whites.  W.Screen [here spelt as Skrine] still holds the cottage to the west.

Two of the better known Quakers in Tetbury are Nathaniel Cripps of Upton House, and Hopeful Vokins.  Other family names that appear in the registers and Monthly Meeting Books are Edgerly, Gillman, Hayward, Hern, Lockey, Ogborn, Townsend, Wilkins,

18th century accounts
amounts for hiring horses to Monthly and Quarterly Meetings, for shoeing the horses, building the wall around the burial ground, funeral expenses for Edgerly, alms to Edgerly
Abraham Terril was paid 19s for building the Meeting House Yard wall in 1760
Samuel Blake, pargeter was paid £1 5s 8d for repairing the meeting house 1777
William Witchell, carpenter was paid 14s 1778
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