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The Gloucestershire police force was formed in 1839 making it one of the oldest in the country.
Those joining the force after 1 November 1840 were only to receive 15/- per week. This was noted in the Force Joining Book. This converts to between £33 and £55 [spending worth] on currency converter sites.
The location of Tetbury Police Station was originally in Market Place. At some time they moved to 'Old Police Station' 26 Long Street [photo with HOTS and also in the book Tetbury through Time]. The newer police station was at the end of Long Street and was built by James Medland in 1884 and operational until 1969; the sergeant lived in upper floors of building. In 1969 the station moved to a newer purpose built station on London Road which closed in 2012 with the building being sold off.  The local police station is now in Cirencester.


Gloucestershire Archives
Q/Y/6 FILE - Tetbury police station (with copy print) - ref. Q/Y/6/2/6 - date: late 19th cent
Q/Y/1/3/1 - Gloucestershire Police Force Joining Book 1/12/1839-15/3/1852

Tetbury Police Museum website
Gloucestershire Police Archives  - search for Tetbury to find images and other information

Richard Cook lived on Cirencester Street with wife Elizabeth, and their two daughters. He was one of the first batch of new police recruits having been signed up to the service on 22 January 1840 [No 79]. He is also listed at the ‘police station’ on Church Street, along with policemen Hay, Cullimore, Jones & Lewis. A daughter Sarah was born c.1842 in Tetbury, and the next child born was in 1844 Aston Blank, GLS, where in 1851 Richard is listed as an agricultural labourer.  

Enos Cullimore lived on Cirencester Street, with the other police constables. Another of the very early police force recruits he signed up on 1 January 1840 [No 35]. He was born in GLS c.1821.

James Davis lived on Cirencester Street, with the other police constables. He was born in GLS c.1815.

William Hay, born in Scotland, c.1813 was a police constable, living on Church Street. He signed up to the police force on 22 January 1840 [No 113].

Alexander Jones, born c.1820 in GLS, was a police constable living on Church Street.

James Townsend was the Police Inspector, living on Long Street. He was born c.1821.

James Bick joined 1 December 1840 [No 339]. He was held for manslaughter of Llewellyn Alley in 1843 but let out on bail and the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. He signed on to the police force again on 15 November 1843 [No 635]

William Jones, also held for the manslaughter of Llewellyn Alley signed back on to the police force on 1 January 1844 [No 644].

George Martin was a policeman when son George Cowley Martin was christened. He signed up on 1 February 1843 [No 543].

Charles Harrison lived on The Green with his wife and three children. His youngest child was born c.1851 in Cirencester, GLS. He signed up to the service on 19 February 1850 [No 1083].

William Peachey was a policeman living on The Green with wife and three children. He joined the police force on 6 January 1845 [No 716]. His youngest child was born 1849 in Wheatenhurst, GLS. By 1861 William was in Tewkesbury, GLS.

George Wheeldon was police sergeant living on Market Place with wife, Emma and four children. Two, born 1850 & 1851 were born in Tetbury. An older daughter was born in Bishops Cleeve, GLS in 1847. A younger son was born in Gloucester in 1854.

George Wood, joined the police force on 6 September 1845 [No 767] and was sergeant, living at the Police Station on Market Place A child born 1851 was born in Tetbury, and also two later in 1857 & 1859. Between times he was in Hambrook, GLS. In 1864 Police Sergeant Wood was transfered to Hambrook, GLS

James Smith, born c.1836 was a police constable, living with his wife on The Chipping.

William Speirs, from Scotland was a police constable, living on Gumstool Hill.

William Wood sergeant Market Place

Charles Hawkins was a police constable. By 1871 he & wife, Maria had moved to Berkeley, GLS

Thomas White sergeant Market Place

George Agg, lived on Gumstool Hill with wife Annie and two children, Annie & George. George jnr. was born Cheltenham c.1870, and four children were born in Tetbury between 1872 & 1880. By 1891 he was in Gloucester and a County Court Bailiff.

Wm Fielder Croome, was boarding with PC White. He was born in Coates, GLS c.1849.

Thomas White, born c.1819 was police sergeant, living in the Police Station, Long Street with his wife and four children. The youngest was born c.1862 in Bisley, GLS. In 1861 Thomas was a constable in Bisley, GLS, and transferred to Tetbury in 1864 to replace George Wood. Thomas had retired by 1881 and he was living on Gumstool Hill in receipt of a police pension.

Thomas White sergeant Long Street

Henry Munday b.1843 Minchinhampton, was a police sergeant, living on Long Street. He was in Dursley in 1871, as a constable and moved to Tetbury between 1878 & 1880. He was still there in 1891, but had left by 1901.

Robert Hill Narramore, lived on New Church Street with wife Jane and daughter Emily E. Emily was born c1880 in Plymouth, DEV, and a younger daughter was born c.1883 in Berkeley. By 1891 Robert was a police sergeant, living in WOR. In Tetbury c.1880-c.1883
William Williams from St Briavels, GLS was boarding with Sgt Munday. He was born c.1853.

Henry Munday sergeant & 2 constables Long Street

Edwin Byard, police constable living with his wife on Chavenage Lane.

County Police Station (Henry Hoskins sergeant) Long Street.

Edward Collier, police sergeant from Ireland, wife Mary & 4 ch born Churcham, GLS up to 1898. Police constable Frank Bubb, was a boarder with him and his family; James Davies, a constable was living on Northfield

Henry Woolford sergeant Long Street

G.C.Merrett, sergeant in charge

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