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Tetbury Families
Tetbury Families
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The streets, the buildings that make up Tetbury. Whilst most would consider economic slumps to be a great disadvantage it had a great advantage in preserving the Tetbury you see today. If people have money they spend it on doing up their homes. The fact that money was in short supply in Victorian Tetbury means that the unaltered pre Victorian facades we see today remain as they were pre the Victorian era!
Resources used in researching buildings and streets vary considerably. Deeds help with who has occupied - in either residential or business terms - a property; rates books; census; electoral registers. Maps, of which there are very few old large scale maps for the town, are fantastic. Some of the old landed estates had beautifully illustrated plans drawn up of the lands held. Newspapers advertise property either for sale or to let and can be very descriptive of what was on offer especially in an era before photography or printed illustration.
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