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Tetbury Families
Tetbury Families
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Pages looking at the people who made the town of Tetbury. Certain family names crop up over the centuries, others are just there for a time. Most made a difference to the town just by being there.
Resources used in creating the family lines are primarily the census 1841-1911 as this formed the start of my research into the town and it’s people. As the years have gone on data from other resources has been added. I am increasingly becoming interested in the records that are pre parish register - this is generally before the 1630s which is a good 100 years after the start of registers. Tetbury is unfortunate that their very earliest registers, which could be as early as 1537, haven’t survived and the Bishops Transcripts [which are the annual returns of register entries presented to the Bishop on his annual visitation], there are only a few years that survive.
Other resources are newspapers of which there are many wonderful examples now available online through the British Newspaper Archive [scanned images of selected papers held by the British Newspaper Library]. I am patiently waiting for them to scan the Tetbury Advertiser or the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard (some have now been digitised 9/2017)!
For privacy reasons you will not find details of any person less than 101 years old other than those that appear in trade directories as for example, the landlord of one of the inns, or shopkeeper and other trades.
Brief reports of the more prominent people of Tetbury can be found on the Who was who page.
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