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The 1522 Military Survey of Gloucestershire

Longtree Hundred - Tetbury

NAME                   LAND WORTH     GOODS WORTH       ARMS & ARMOUR

Sir Maurice Berkeley  

is lord there

and worth         £38   

Sir Edward Tame        13s 4d   

Sir John Brugez        6s 8d   

Sir Edward Tame [sic]  £4   

The abbot of Kingswood 44s   

Robert Wye             6d   

The heirs of [ ]

Hardyng           £4   

Alice Barnard          40s   

Christopher Dawnte     40s   

William Spycer         £3   

John Awode             26s 8d   

The tenants of the

land called

Beversland        5s   

John Berkeley          12s   

Christopher Toll       6s   

John Heydon            23s 4d        £13 6s 8d  

Joan Hurne             £3   

The heirs of

Wynkeworth        6s 8d   

John Pyard             10s   

Thomas Lane            20s   

John Canop             20s   

Richard Bowre          6s 8d   

The abbess of Aconbury 10s   

The abbess of Horwell  13s 4d   

Thomas Miles           10s           £20                 harness for a man

John Graunge           6s 8d   

Richard Somerby        20s           £50                 harness for a man

Walter Gastrell        5s £40  

John Lewelyn           10s           £13 6s 8d  

Henry Cove             20s   

William Trulove        10s           £20                 harness for a man

Richard Byrd           6s   

William Long           10s   

Thomas Hyxe            8s            £20                 harness for a man

Thomas Palmer          13s 4d   

Thomas Wylkyns         10s   

The rectory there

is worth          £8   

The bishop of

Worcester in

pension there     53s 4d   

The prior of

Worcester in

pension there     £3   

The vicarage is worth  £20   

The chantry there

is worth          £8   

The other chantry

there is worth    £5 6s 8d   

The pix of the church  £3   

The common pix

of the town       £8   

Richard Bowre          £20   

William Long           £20   

Richard Gastrell       £26                              harness for a man

Richard Ewen           £20                              harness for a man

William Mayhowe        £20                              harness for a man

Gilbert Nores          £20                              harness for a man

Richard Taylowe        £8   

Richard Body           £6   

John Dryver            £8   

William Rawlyns        £10   

Thomas Adene           £10   

William Clerk          40s   

Richard Romeney        £6   

Richard Bedell         £3   

John Hyll              £8   

Hugh Brown             40s   

John Lawnder           £4   

John Whityng           40s   

Thomas Halyday         40s   

Thomas Lane            40s   

Richard Dobyns         40s   

William Brownyng       £5   

John Taylor            40s   

John Shepard           40s   

John Packer            40s   

Richard Brewer         40s   

Thomas West            40s   

William Burges         40s   

Joan Miles wid         £8   

Richard Longstone      £4   

Richard Chapman        £3   

Agnes Merymouth        £3   

Thomas Trolop          £3   

Hoyle, Richard W [Editor]; Military Survey of Gloucestershire, 1522; Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (Oct 1993); 0900197366

Harness – a suit of armour consisting of sallet, jack, gorget and splints. Term also applies to horse armour.

The survey of 1522 was taken to establish the men able to fight in the Kings wars with France. It was done under the guise of a survey of property valued over 20s [shillings.  Their ability to provide armour was also  noted. For the historian it is a useful list of all males of property.