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Names extracted from a photocopied page

John Parker 23

George Cleaver 25

Jesse? Fry 45

James Sharp 47

John Alley 36

John Wager 26

Daniel Barrington 18

William Russell 26

William Timbrell 32

All the above privates to the number of 38 [only part of document seen] were duly sworn this 29th day of August 1803 before me John Paul Paul

George Butt 37

Robert Timbrell 26

Richard Lancaster 56

The above named were duly sworn this 30th day of August 1803 before Henry Sloper

Tetbury troop comprising districts of Tetbury, Badminton & Avening

It's strength when formed would be:

1 quartermaster

2 sergeants

2 corporals

1 trumpeter

43 troopers

The London Gazette gave the following officers

Ths Grimston Bucknall Estcourt, gent, to be captain 19/2/1831

Walter Matthew Paul, gent to be Lieutenant 19/2/1831

Robert Blagden Hale, gent to be Lieutenant 28/3/1831

Robert Stainer Holford, gent to be Cornet 19/2/1831

Mr Playne cornet in 1839


"about 12:00 Captain Estcourt with the Tetbury Troop arrived in Bristol.  ....

On receiving the requisition, Captain Estcourt at once sent round to the members of his troop living near Tetbury to prepare for the march, several being called out of church, who were then attending the evening service. A groom was also despatched to Longfords with instructions to Quartermaster Playne, who at that time acted as Adjutatn, to warn the men living in the Avening district, and to send orders round for parade at 6:30am the following morning on the green in front of the Talbot Inn.  The troop cheerfully answered to the call, every available man being present; and about 11:30 Captain Estcourt, who was accompanied by Ltnt Paul & cornet Holford, found himself a mile outside the city [Bristol]"

They remained there for one week, successfully accomplishing the task to which they were assigned - preventing any further pillage in the area of St James Barton, following riots.

Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette

Thursday, November 14th, 1833

On Monday evening last week, the Officers of the three Troops of Gloucestershire Yeomanry Cavalry then assembled at Gloucester for eight days training and exercise; viz. the Gloucester Troop, commanded by Capt.Walters; the Dodington and Marshfield Troop, commanded by Capt.C.W.Codrington; and the Tetbury Troop, under the command of Capt.T.G.B.Estcourt, M.P.; gave a Ball and Supper to the ladies, at the Bell hotel, when the assembly-room was graced by a splendid, numerous, and fashionable company. "Upwards of 250[?] persons," says the Gloucester Journal. "comprising members of many of the leading families of the county, partook of this festivity, heretofore unrivalled. Weippert's band was in attendance, led by the veteran himself, and under their inspiring strains the pleasures of the mazy dance were prolonged till a very advanced hour." On Tuesday and Wednesday the three Troops were inspected separately by the Hon.Lieut.Col.Molyneux, of the 8th Hussars; and the result was in the highest degree creditable both to the Officers and the men. It is said that the three Troops intend to form a Regiment, the command of which will be offered to the Marquis of Worcester. It is supposed that some other of the Troops in the county will also join in this arrangement.


13th August an order for the troop to attend at Stroud to aid civil power.  Troop to assemble at 4:00, and they marched from Tetbury at 5:30 to Hampton Common.  On arriving it was deemed that they were no longer required so were dismissed.


Capt T G B Estcourt

Ltnt W M Paul

R B Hale

Cornet R S Holford

Q’master W Playne

Sgt T Spencer

S Saunders

Y Surman

Cpl R Paul

T Witts

Trumpeter G Chapple


J Barnett; F Brown; T Marshall; B Tanner; J Hughes; J Cave; G Clark; A Drew; J Hayward; T Holliday; W Holliday; W Moss; T Simpkins; S Stevens; R Tanner; R Taylor; B Watts; J Wise; E Wise; W Woody; T Howell; E Sidney; C Emerson; F Wedge; R Long; R Draper; W Tanner; E Watts; D Brooks; J Dutton; W Purnell; J Evans; H Moore; G Ellis; T Moore; J Ogden; J Paul; E Playne; H Playne; W Seally; e Seally; E Rich; C Weylan; J Box; J Lemmon; H Simpkins; P Smith.


Badminton & Tetbury troops merged, to be called Badminton troop, under command of Lord Worcester


D 566/Z/13  date: 1803-1806 Tetbury Volunteer Infantry: papers, correspondence, muster rolls, etc., including printed booklet of 'Articles, Rules, and Regulations' of the Tetbury Loyal Volunteers, 1803.


D4920/1/2   date: 1831-1838 - Tetbury ('D') troop of Gloucestershire Yeomanry Cavalry order book - Includes first meeting of troop, 1831; references to deployment of cavalry in Bristol during riots, 1831

WO 13/4351  War Office and predecessors: Militia and Volunteers Muster Books and Pay Lists -  Gloucestershire Horsley & Tetbury Volunteers

WO 13/4352/ War Office and predecessors: Militia and Volunteers Muster Books and Pay Lists- Gloucestershire Tetbury Volunteers