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Market Place

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In 1822 post master Humphrey Tugwell, London Mail arrives at 10am and dispatched at 3.30pm; Oxford Mail arrives 12noon and is dispatched at 3.00pm
In 1830 Joseph Bowerman, carrier leaves for London every Friday from Market Place
In 1870, 1876 carrier to Bristol from Prince & Princess
In 1876 omnibus from Market Place to Tetbury Road Station 11:40am

[1832 polling list] Ebenezer Lloyd entitled to vote as held freehold houses on Market Place
Henry Woolrich freehold house resident of Hampstead, MSX
Richard Kilmister Woodward freehold house
Charles Bell freehold house resident of Luckington WIL

Peter Bassett owned a house rented by John Orum
Elizabeth Taylor owned a house rented by John Gerrish
[1860 Poor Rates ]

Post-1974 County Council Records
Catalogue Ref. K
Cotswold District Council
FILE ref.  K/955/2/4  - date: Oct.- Dec. 1987
          Applications - Conversion of 19, Market Place, Tetbury to form 4 shops and 3 flats, erection of 1 cottage, 1 shop and 3 flats
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