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London Road

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Back Lane is now known as London Road.  On the 1838 map it is clearly marked as Back Lane.  At other times the lower section near the Gas Works has been referred to as Combers Mead.  On the 1890 Ordnance Survey map the lower section was called Combers Mead, and the area around The Retreat was Back Lane.  
Messuage in Gumstool alias Goomstool Street, garden in same; insurance policy of £300 on a house divided into 3 tenements, in Silver St., (1818); 4 cottages in Back Lane or London Road, Tetbury Upton (1903); tender for fittings and Building contract for a new workhouse (1905) - Includes wills of Thomas MILL, Tetbury, worsted-comber (1697); Probate of John PIKE, Tetbury, Plasterer (1715). Josiah PIKE, Tetbury, Tyler and Plasterer, 1816. Also letter to Guardians of the Tetbury Union
Gloucestershire Archvies ref.D875/1

An Act for repairing several roads from Tetbury and other places in Gloucestershire including widening of some 'and also for obtaining powers in such act to repair, widen and keep in repair the Road from the end of Charlton Tything, where the Turnpike Road from Tetbury towards Wotton under Edge and Dusley ends, through the bottom of the town of Tetbury, across the turnpike road leading from the market house in the town of Tetbury, to Minchinhampton through a lane called the Back Lane to join the Turnpike road leading from Cirencester to Tetbury at or near a place there called the Cross Lane'.
Gloucester Journal - Monday 02 September 1799 page 2 col a

Elevational drawings of 2 Toll-Houses, one octagonal, one square, the latter coloured, c.1805; Tracing of land at Tetbury near London Road, nd
Gloucestershire Archives ref.D568/6

Tolls to be let - turnpike road from Cirencester to Lambridge near Bath.  Notice was given that the tolls arising from the gates on the said road, including Cirencester, Tetbury North and Back Lane were to be let amongst others to the best bidders on 21st February, for one year to commence on 1st May.  The Back Lane tolls amounted to £486 over the previous year.
The best bidder had to be able to put down one month in advance, and produce two sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the due payment of the remainder of the rent, by monthly instalments in advance.
When the same advert was placed in the following years the tolls had amounted to:
1802 96shillings
1820 £252
1821 £278
1823 £264
1824 £257
1826 £620
1827 £561
1828 £486
1837 £470
1869 £1163 by this date the system had changed and was done by lots.  Back Lane was included in a group called the Upper District.
Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 31 January 1828 page 1 col.d

An advert for a sale of cottages and land at Tetbury was offering as lot 5 'All that rich Close of Pasture Land situate near the town of Tetbury and adjoining the Back Lane leading from Tetbury to Cirencester, NO 214 on the map and now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Pride at the rent of £21 containing by admeasurement 6acres 23 perch.'  There is a convenient hovel on the lot and the land is well supplied with water.
Gloucester Journal - Saturday 23 February 1850 page 2 col.f

To Let at Midsummer next a detached villa residence situate in the London Road now in the occupation of George Lewis jun. who is leaving to take up his father's business on Long Street. The house contains dining and drawing rooms, kitchen and the usual offices.  A productive garden attached, possession of which can be had at once.  The house is in thorough repair. For further details contact Mr F.Broom, carpenter etc. Hampton Street
Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard 22 April 1893 p.1 col.g

For Sale a private residence in London Road in the occupation of Rev Pearson Cooper.  The accommodation comprises three sitting rooms, four bedrooms and offices.  A large and productive garden. Rent £18 per annum.  Selling price £300. To view and further details Mr G Pride, Estate Agent.
Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard 13 May 1893 p.1 col.g

Tetbury: London Road and police station, with the Plough Inn, adverts for Anglo-Bavarian Ales and Exmoor Hunt mixture, pedestrians and pram
Gloucestershire Archives GPS/328/35

Cook's Pool Controversy
Mr David Lindsay, chairman of the Tetbury Upton Parish Council presided over a meeting of the Council at the Court room on Monday evening, when Mr W.H.Pride the owner of the land on which Cooks Pool is situated, attended at the invitation of the council, and a number of parishioners were also present.  The chairman said the reason for calling the metting was to consider a letter received from Mr Pride's solicitors as to the right of parishioner to take water from the Pool.  He then read the communication which stated that: You will recollect that in the summer of 1921 we had some correspondence with you upon the matter.  In that year the pool ws pumped entirely dry and most of the water was taken away to fill up other pools in teh neighbourhood.  The result was that other persons, by fetching the water had filled their ponds and Mr Pride was left without any water in his pool at all.  Although the evidence in our possession is quite strong enough to enable Mr Pride to prove to any court that the public have no right to this water, he is not desirous of preventing private persons in Northfield taking this water by buckets fo their domestic use, but he will not allow the water to be carted away to fill up other ponds.  Mr Pride informs us that without his permission certain person under the instructions of the Parish Council have trespassed upon his land and put an additional length on to the pump.  Mr Pride proposes that unless this matter is settled at once by limiting the right to take water to persons in Northfield with buckets he will remove the length put on the pump without his permission.
The chairman said it was one of the public wells which in olden days belonged to the parish, and if it was public water he did not know how anyone could restrict the quantity to be taken by persons who had a right to it.  The pump was put there for the convenience of the parishioners but Mr Pride held that it was not public water.
In reply to an inquiry the Chairman stated that the pool was known as Shepherd's Corner well, and was so described in the minutes of the Feoffees.
Mr Pride said the question out to be thrashed out and proved.  He did not know the question was being discussed at the previous meeting, or he would have attended.  He then produced his conveyance of the property, and said he thought the object of the meeting was to come to a friendly settlement, and to effect this the Council must prove the pool to be a public one, or admit it belonged to him
The Chairman then read an extract from the minutes of the Feoffees of about 100 years ago stating: "We direct the Town Clerks to give Mr John Cook notice to throw open the well in Back Lane called Shepherd's Corner well/"
Mr Pride said it was a query where Shepherd's Corner well or Cook's Pool had ever been claimed by the Court Leet juries.
Questioned by Mr Pride, Mr C Jones admitted he had recently seen the conveyance to Mr Pride and was then perfectly satisfied the pool belonged to him but that he had grounds for altering his mind and he stated at the previous meeting that the pool was open to the road and that the public had a right to the water.
A long discussion followed and it was agreed to consult the Feoffees upon the question in dispute.
Gloucester Journal - Saturday 22 September 1923 page 11 col.g

1947, 1950
Building control application: new works centre, Magdalene Mead Fields, London Road, 16 December 1947; also includes documents relating to application for concrete manufactury, August 1950. Owner: Holborow & Sons. Architect, agent or builder: Holborow & Sons, Tetbury
Gloucestershire Archives DA36/710/2/298

TETBURY: proposed pedestrian crossing in London Road and Hampton Street
Gloucestershire Archives C/CH/Or/1/17/311

April - June 1974. Includes applications for erection ..... revision of development to erection of 36 houses and 12 flats, stage 4 Conygar Park, London Road, Tetbury
Gloucestershire Archives K819/1/1

Prohibition of cycling: Tetbury: London Road to Conygar Road (PLT 377)
Gloucestershire Archives K350/6

PT 23899: London Road, Tetbury (40 mph Speed Limit) Order, 1995
Gloucestershire Archives K1433/29

Building control file, including copies of planning papers, for 16 dwellings at site adjacent to Matbro Engineering, London Road, Tetbury (phase 2)
Submitted by Oldfield King Design of Southampton, on behalf of J S Bloor (Swindon) Ltd; building control approval granted 26 July 1995, planning permission granted planning permission refused on 26 April 1996
Gloucestershire Archives DC86/51

Tetbury, Contruct 12 dwellings on land adjacent to Matbro Ltd, London Road
Gloucestershire Archives DC111/73

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