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Boarding School for Young Ladies - an advert in the Gloucester Journal by Mrs Manning:
Mrs Manning begs leave to acquaint her Friends and the Public in general, that her SCHOOL, for the reception of Young Ladies, opens (after the Midsummer Vacation) on Monday the 21st of July; as she is now recovered from her late indisposition, she hope by attention and assiduity to merit the confidence of such parents, as may be pleased to place their daughters under her care.
BOARD £14 14 0
And one guinea entrance
Writing, dancing, music etc etc
By Proper Masters - an on the usual terms.
P.S. Board and Lodging for two or three single ladies. For particulars apply to Mrs Manning.
[Gloucester Journal - Monday 14 July 1794 p.1]
1852 Boarding, Sarah & Selina Brown, Chipping
1859 Ladies Boarding School, Selina Brown, Chipping
Selina Brown was living on Church Street, Tetbury by 1841.  By 1851 she was working with sisters, Mary and Sarah, as governesses at their school on The Chipping.  They had 14 pupils (7 of which were nephews/nieces) and two house servants.  The sisters were born in Swadlincote,DBY in the early 1800s, daughters of a farmer.  In 1861 only Selina was left running the school with one assistant, her niece, and boarding six pupils.
By 1871 she had moved to Swindon, WIL where she was housekeeper to her brother, William.  She died in 1873.

1863 Ladies Boarding School, Jane Robinson, Chipping

Jane Robinson was born c.1819 in Lynn Regis, NFK (Kings Lynn).  With a young family and absent husband, she was a school mistress at an Aylesham, NFK school in 1851.  By 1861 she was widowed and living on Combers Mead, Tetbury, school mistress of the National School, with 15 year old Keturah Daniels, a pupil teacher living with her. By 1863 she was running a Ladies Boarding School in The Chipping.  1871 lists her as school mistress, living on The Knapp.
By 1881 she had moved to Paignton, DEV where she was teaching at a private school.
1870 Ladies School. Madame Villard, Chipping
1876 Ladies Boarding & Day School, Madame Louise Cecile Villard, Chipping

Louise Cecile Villard was born c.1833 Switzerland.  In 1861 she was a teaching assistant in Clifton, Bristol, GLS.  By 1870 she was running a Ladies School on The Chipping, Tetbury.  The 1871 census lists her as employing a music teacher, Maria Bowcett from Cheltenham, GLS and a cook and housemaid.  She had 11 pupils boarding, ranging in age from 11 up to 17.
In 1879 Louise married Edward Cossins and moved to East Dereham, NFK.  She was a Boarding school mistress in 1881 and had a daughter.

1820 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer
1822 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer, Chipping
1830 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer
1842 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer
1852 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer, Long Street
1859 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer, Long Street
1863 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer, Long Street
1870 Ladies Boarding School, Isabella Spencer, Chipping
1885 Ladies Boarding School, Emma Spencer, Chipping
Isabella Spencer was born c1792 in Bath, SOM; nieces Emma & Sarah Spencer
In 1841 she had an apprentice Elizabeth Spencer aged 15, an assistant Mary Laurence and 5 pupils at the school situated on Long Street.  There was also a domestic servant.  In 1851 there were 2  assistants and 3 pupils. In 1860 the property on Long Street was owned by Thomas Lewis.  In 1861 a teacher of music and 4 pupils plus a cook/housemaid were resident.
In 1871 niece Emma Spencer was assistant Governess, and 3 pupils and 1 servant were resident and the school was on The Chipping.
By 1881 Isabella had died [1876] and the school on The Chipping was run by Emma, who had pupil Florence Spencer, her cousin living with her.  No other pupils are listed.
In 1891 Emma, living on The Chipping, is listed as a school teacher but again there are no boarders.  Cousin Florence Spencer is now her assistant teacher and living with her. Emma died in 1895 and Florence married Pearl Life Assurance Agent George R Taylor later that year.

E/ (see advert above)
1900 Girls' Collegiate School, the Misses Jennings principals
Miss Isabella Spencer
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