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The Gospel Hall was the meeting place of the Open Brethren, which was built in 1949 to replace meeting rooms in Long Street.

The congregation of Open Brethren was established by 1897 and the group large enough to consider renting an old woolcombing room behind 55 Long Street. They converted the room to house pews and a small baptistry. Around this period a well known Christian author, Dr Campbell Morgan was residing at Cutwell Villa and he became the leader. The building was purchased during the Second World War with the intention of altering it to make it more suitable for it's intended use. However major work was found to be needed. An alternative was needed and after prayer meetings Hilda Cleaver and a friend felt led to a plot of ground near the current chapel. A new building was erected by Reg Cox, a local builder, with Eddie Long. The building was opened officially on 3 December 1949. A prayer meeting on the 12 November saw the building opened to the congregation and a agreement was made between the committee of management: Ralph Cleaver, Edmund Jesse Houghton, Stephen Henry Collis Parslow & Frederick George Pitman, and a number representative of the assembly: Henry Wittern, David Hacker, Vivian Topps & Richard Peyton.
[source: documents held by Mr R Wakefield]

'Gathered Together' the History of Nonconformist Worship in Tetbury, by Robert Smith. 1998]

Plymouth Brethren were established in Tetbury by 1856, meeting in a room at the site of the Old Post office, Chipping Street. From here they moved to a room off Gumstool Hill, but took the opportunity of moving to the old Methodist building on Bath Bridge in 1908. In 1992 a new church hall was built at the point of Northfield Road where Love Lane joins. This building had no windows, in keeping with the belief of the Brethren but was only in use for just under four years.
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