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A gas company was formed in 1836 with works at Comber's Mead [or Back Lane as it was known at that time] and it provided street lighting up until electric lighting in 1924.

Tetbury Gas Light and Coke Co. and Tetbury Gas Co. Ltd. D2516/14/1-4
Minute books 1836-1910
Minute book 1910-1922
Prospectus 1835

relating to the employment of Hubert Philpot in the 1860s

11/10/1862 decided to place and advertisement for the position of gas manager.

25/10/1862 (Sat) Mr C Brown to write to Hubert Philpot and get him to come as soon as possible.

29/10/1862 (Weds) Hubert Philpots came late last evening and took charge of the gas works.

25/4/1865 Man allowed to help Hubert Philpot light the lamps.

8/11/1865 Hubert Philpot applied to have wages raised from 18/- to £1 per week and it was decided to leave to next meeting to discuss whether he should look at water in meters.

6/12/1865 Hubert Philpot refused to undertake filling meters with water and washing out. Requested that wages should stay the same until spring.

6/6/1866 Hubert Philpot suggested that a new hydraulic of wrought iron would be desirable and new --- pipes. Mr C Brown to ascertain the cost.

20/6/1866 Hubert Philpot requested to have his wages raised to 20/- per week.

4/7/1866 Hubert Philpot to look to meters from this date and attend to the cleaning out and changing water to meters when necessary, also attend to the burners and to any escapes and condensation in pipes when sent for. His wages to commence from last Saturday at 20/- per week (20 shillings)

18/8/1866 Mr C Brown resigned as secretary and superintendent of gas works on 29th September.

24/10/1866 Philpot to see White to arrange for conveying the water away and emptying the little tank

27/2/1867 Hubert Philpot to see the bricks at Mr C Browns and if he approves of them to have as many as are wanted the price 12/6 per hundred.

19/6/1867 Philpot asked for leave of absence for a few days. Granted his brother to be left in charge of the works.

23/10/1867 Philpot ordered to lay pipes in Church St

30/10/1867 Philpot to procure from Gloucester a time piece for the works in Church St.

27/5/1868 Philpot to have some stone coloured paint for painting the pillars of the gasometer.

16/12/1868 Philpotts asked for assistance for a month. Mr Large employed from the 14th.

19/5/1869 Hubert Philpot to go to Lydney Foundry

17/2/1870 donation of £5 to Hubert Philpot
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