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Horse Garstons or Gastons, meaning a horse pasture  is situated on the dividing point of Hampton Street, on the way out of Tetbury.  
In 1804 a small farm, in the possession of Mr Richard Constable was to be auctioned off.  It consisted of a barn, two stables, wagon houses, Court well supplied with water, paddock, pasture and arable land altogether about 17 acres.
On the 1840s tithe map fields called Horse Garstons are clearly marked, two as arable, and one as pasture.
In 1860 there appear to be four homes occupied, owned by John Cook senior, and inhabited by Elijah Mann, William Price, James Topps and Joseph West.  There were also 3 parcels of land owned by John Cook.

Family names:
BEARD 1841; HAYES 1881; MANN 1841, 1861, 1881; PASKETT 1851; PRICE 1851, 1861, 1881; TOPPS 1841, 1861, 1881;  WEST 1841, 1851, 1861;
19 September 1661
Belonged to John Browninge [who also held the lands as listed: tenement in Doughton; close & pasture ground next to messuage called Home Closes; all close of pasture called Gaston, adjoining containing 2 acres; pasture Cawsey Meade and Willmes containing 20 acres next to Shipton Fields; 3 other closes of meadow called Water Furlong, Henridge & Broadmeades nr Elmstree farm containing 8 acres; arable land in Weston field containing 20 acres; close in Homefield, Doughton of 6 acres adjoining Bristol - Tetbury Road; South Heyes meadow of half an acre; 1 acre of meadow called Harnehill, and all said premises in occupation of John Browninge]

Land in possession of Isaac Browning, transferred from James Randolph of Tetbury gent to Joseph Punter of Tetbury gent., along with 1 acre of meadow, Harnhill in Doughton, home close and Gastons of 5 acres

20 & 21 August 1712
Benjamin Browning of Doughton in Tetbury, yeoman, brother of Richard, yeoman decd. To John Lewis of Tetbury, clerk and Joseph Punter of Tetbury gent.
Lease & release of Messuage barn and stable in Doughton, glebe of meadow called Home Close; close of arable land called the Gastons, acre of meadow lying in Hornhill in Doughton
Rent 1 peppercorn
Benjamin Browning & Anne, his wife to pay within 20 years, £137 interest money on mortgage

left messuage and old kitchen stable two gardens Home close & Garstons to wife Elizabeth
1720 will of Joseph Punter
Messuage, close called Home Close and Garston and lands in Doughton (field names; abuttals) and land in Charlton and Tetbury and copy of will [1720] and probate copy of will of Joseph Punter of Tetbury, attorney-at-law, 1722
Gloucestershire Archives Ref.D191/13

document of 1748 for sale of property to Daniel Oatridge for £186 10s
"messuage or tenement now two messuages or tenements with gardens Home Close and Garstons being part of the lands formerly of one Isaac Browning dec. since that of his grandson  Richard Browning decd and afterwards of Joseph Punter decd and late of Samuel Punter decd and now of the said Isaac Punter & John Sloper the inheritance and equity of redemption ---conveyed to one John Lewis in trust of the said Joseph Punter and his heirs by one Benjamin Browning decd brother & heir of the said Richard Browning----now in possession of Amos Dauntsey & William Arkley"

Druces and Attlee of London, solicitors - Messuage called the Homestead with lands (field names; abuttals) in Doughton, including Home Close and Garston and Sheppard's Close, with marriage settlement between Josiah Paul Tippetts of Tetbury, woolstapler, and Mary Clark of Tetbury, 1771
Gloucestershire Archives Ref.D191/10

To be sold by auction, on ... 30th May, 1804, at the White Hart inn, in Tetbury ... messuages, tenements, lands and hereditaments - Properties include: Garstons farm - pasture with hovel - pasture called The Park, at Tetbury Charlton - pasture called the Cuckoo Pens, at Charlton - 2 tenements with gardens and orchard, at Charlton - house, carpenter's workshop, garden, stone quarry, 3 tenements, in Chipping, near Tetbury - gardens, in Chipping
Gloucestershire Archives Ref.RX300.3(1)GS

in possession of Mr Richard Constable

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