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A draper is a term for a retailer of wholesaler of cloth.  As can be seen from the factual details of Tetbury's drapers the role developed as time went on with Webbs advertising a tailor by the C20th.  Many would also deal in haberdashery and associated items.

PETERS, Frank; A Boy in Tetbury; The Woodcock Press 2002; ISBN 0954233409
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London Gazette

Alfred Prout from Launceston, CON was in Tetbury sometime between 1878 and 1881.

Described by Frank Peters as "a shoe and clothes shop, as well as a proper grocers shop. The fellow that worked for the grocer would have to take anything on his bike, whether it was a bag of sugar or a side of bacon, to deliver it to the customers. There was usually so much on that he couldn't get off the bike without falling off."  The bank took over the stores eventually.

Alfred Prout, Draper Long Street

Advertising for a milliner to take charge of showroom, medium class trade.  Also wanted an apprentice (young lady) to drapery. [Western Daily Press - Thursday 27 March 1884]

Advertising for a young lady to take and execute own orders and serve at counters when required [Western Daily Press - Thursday 30 July 1885]

Alfred Prout of 13 Market Place, Cirencester was offering many items in a 'Great Clearance Sale of Drapery and Boots'.  His system of sale as as a cash draper with a 'ready money system' which enabled selling at a lower rate than those who gave credit.  For sale were dress goods, sheets, sheetings, blankets, flannelette, flannels, shirts, shirtings, quilts, serges, calicose.  [Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard - Saturday 30 January 1892]
In March 1892 Alfred was advertising for a milliner 'to fill up time at counter' and also a young lady as apprentice or improver to the drapery, at Bristol House. [Western Daily Press - Tuesday 01 March 1892]

Plans for the enlargement of the premises on Long Street were approved by the Urban District Council.  The neighbouring property was to be added to the current property and enlarged. [Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard - Saturday 21 March 1896]

Prout & Co, Grocers Long Street
Alfred Prout, Draper Bristol House, Long Street

Alfred Prout, Draper & grocer Long Street

Prout & Co, Grocers Long Street
Alfred Prout, Drapers Bristol House, Long Street

An advert for a young lady assistant, and an improver, to live in [Gloucestershire Echo - Saturday 16 October 1909]

Alfred Prout, of Gloucester House, described himself as an auctioneer in the census.

Mr Charles Alfred Prout was described as an outfitter, Long Street, when a pair of shoes were stolen from outside his shop by a 'tramping sailor' at about 7.50pm.  Mr Prout missed them at about 8.pm.  From the report we are told it was a Friday night and we can tell that the opening hours of the shops were long as several along Long Street still had goods hanging outside which the thief had been eyeing up. [Gloucestershire Echo - Monday 11 August 1913].  when the case came to court (Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions) in October the chairman of the court said 'that the practice of hanging goods outside shops was an objectionable one and ought to be stopped, and the court would disallow the expenses of the witness Prout.' [Gloucestershire Echo - Wednesday 15 October 1913]

Charles Alfred Prout, draper Bristol House, Long Street

Mr Alfred Prout died, aged 68, a well known and respected member of Tetbury district society.

C.A. Prout, draper 4 Long Street tel 105
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