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Colly Farm

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Colly Farm was built in the C17th and formed part of the estate that the Savage family acquired. It is situated on the north side of the town, midway between Cherington and Tetbury, and was at the centre of the Savage's estate.  
two young ladies Sarah Fry and Harriet Lord were living at the farm with a servant, Ann Luckner and three agricultural labourers - William Fletcher, Henry Glastonbury and William Wall. It is not clear in the census what Sarah and Harriet’s roles were.
1841 Census
around this date the Cave family moved from Newington Bagpath to take the farm.
based on the birth place of children
George Cave farmer of 305 acres employing 10 labourers
1851 Census
George Cave
Trade Directories
Occupier was George Cave, owner John Savage
Gloucestershire Archives ref.P328/1 poor rates
George Cave, wife Eliza [nee Deane], daughter and two sons were living and working there. George was farming 335 acres, employing 5 men and 3 boys. The family was in occupation less than 16 years, and had left by 1868. They had one dairymaid, living in - Clemantine Cook.
1861 Census
Mr Maggs of Colly Farm had a ram killed and several sheep worried and injured by some dogs
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 18th July 1868 p.5
Joseph Emmanuel Maggs, by the census in 1871 he was living on Long Street with occupation recorded as ‘late farmer’. His mother, Ann, was at one time landlady of the Ormonds Head Inn. He died in 1878 and occupation was listed in his will as farmer.
1871 Census and National Probate calendar
1870November - auction sale by Moore and Hill on the instruction of Joseph Maggs who was leaving the farm, his stock of 70 short-horn cattle. 6 capital breed sows in farrow, 2 hilts in farrow, 1 fat pig, 3 porkers and a few sheep.  The feed of 34 acres of swedes and 140 acres of grass keep and seeds.  Lots of other wheat, grains etc, troughs, hurdles and sheep racks.  Fields with the grass keep for sale near to Back Lane, Tetbury.  
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 19th November 1870 p.1
March – auction sale by Moore and Hill by the instruction of Joseph Maggs, the remaining part of his live and dead farming stock comprising of 33 cattle, 5 cart horses, nag pony, pigs and agricultural implements as new
at the time of the census it was unoccupied
1871 Census
36 prime oak, ash and elm timber trees standing at Colly Farm for sale by auction; to view apply to the tenant Mr Edward Knight
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 20th January 1872
Edward Knight junior  executor of his father's will dated 1872

auction sale of Colly Farm following the death of Mr Edward Knight senior who was farming at Manor Farm, Doughton too.
1876November - sale of freehold estate known as Colly Farm consisting of a homestead and buildings with several acres of arable land and pasture available as one lot or can be split; tenant Edward Knight available to show around
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 11th November 1876
Edward Knight was farming 235 acres, with his sister (housekeeper) and brother (assistant)
1881 Census
Edward Knight; by the time Edward married in 1887 he was resident in Horsley, then moved by 1891 to Seagry Heath Great Somerford, Wiltshire.
Trade directories & Census
Edward Kellow Percy Wood from Cherington, son of the rector.
Trade directory
September - Colly Farm to be auctioned by Messers Moore and Hill as instructed by Edward Wood who was giving up the farm. 309 cross bred sheep, 10 prime steers, 7 carthorses and colts, and implements (listed as 2 harvest wagons, 2 dung carts, 3 single iron ploughs, iron drags, Cambridge rolls, corn and turnip drills, root pulpers, turnip cutters, various racks, hurdles and troughs, reaping and mowing machines, harnesses and so on, most of which were purchased within the last few years and in good working order)
C.F.Moore auctioneers to sell cattle and implements remaining from the earlier sale of Mr Wood’s stock
Richard Hitchings
Trade directory
William Bryant
Trade directories
occupied by L.C.Bryant, owned by Alfred Prout The annual rent was £160 with part of the property being situated in Avening. The gross value was £3676. The stone and stone tile farmhouse was in a rather poor condition and had the following accommodation - ground floor: hall, sitting room, dining room, dairy, kitchen, pantry, cellar, outside WC and coalhouse; first floor: three bedrooms, box room, large cheese room over dairy; second floor: two attics.
The water supply was poor, with the drinking water having to be fetched from Tetbury. Outside buildings were a stone and pantile four bay shelter with loose box, milking yard adjacent; granary with loft over - workshop; stone and stone tile mealhouse; five brick and tile pigsties with stone slab floor; stone and stone tile tie up for four with feeding trough; stone and stone tile eight bay shelter with bulls house and milking yard; stone and pantile fowlshouse and two boxes each tie up for two and feeding trough and traphouses adjoining; tie up cowshed for nine with stone floor and feeding trough; cowhouse for two; stone and stone tile shelter shed; large store and pantile barn with stone floor [double bay]; cowhouse in farm; stone and stone tile cartshed; stone and stone tile carthorse stable for six; loft over; stone and stone tile barn double bay earth floor.
Buildings were very plentiful; fences were mostly hedges, with a few stone walls.
Land valuation survey
William Cave, late tenant of the farm died and buried at Cherington churchyard
Colly Farm sold by Jackson, Stops and Staff of Cirencester
Percy Cave was a dairy farmer (but not indicated as the head of household, who was a worker in the air ministry], William J.Lane was an assistant to farmer and household amounted to 10 people
1939 Register
W.R.Preston of Ilsom
London Gazette
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