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An excellent resource for Gloucestershire clock and watchmakers is  by Graham Dowler; Gloucestershire clock and watch makers; Chichester : Phillimore, 1984; 085033554x

Name, date, biographical details
C19th son of John, a woolstapler. Married twice, second wife was Eleanor Lamb, [1812-] daughter of William, a shoemaker. Married on 4th June 1838. [21+/21+; widower/spinster/ witnesses James Lamb, Mary Brazington]

C18th: trading in the mid eighteenth century. Vol. 51 of the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Bulletin lists him as a Watchmaker before 1759, and cites an advertisement for a lost watch, and references in the Gloucestershire Journal between 25 September 1759 to 10 October 1783.
"Although there were at one time four distinct clockmakers operating in Tetbury, notably John Coates whose workshop reached its zenith around 1750, and from which period some very distinctive longcase clocks survive, when I came to buy one it was not a locally made piece." 10/13/2005 Guardian Unlimited
In 1769 John Coates, watch and clockmaker of Cirencester had an apprentice John Coates.

Robert Henry CORRALL
1891-1902: watchmaker on Long Street; 1891 census records him as watchmaker and jewellers manager; originated in East Midlands, finally settling in Kent. Freemasons Register for the 1880s lists him as a jeweller. Prior to moving to Tetbury he was in Mansfield where he was prosecuted for trading in plate without a licence
[Nottingham Evening Post - Thursday 15 September 1881].  He died in Kent, age 62,  following an accident in which he was knocked over by a car in  bad fog  [Thanet Advertiser - Saturday 14 November 1914].

Cyrus CREW
C19th: he had premises on Market Place from 1839 and Silver Street from 1849. He was trading between 1830-1859 when he died. No will was left and widow Sarah was granted administration of his estate which was valued at under £3,000. A trade directory for 1850 lists him on Union Hill. Also a jeweller.  Estimation that he was in business in the town from c.1822 - see entry below for Frederick Crew.

Frederick CREW
C19th: the son of Cyrus was born c.1830. His premises were in Silver Street and he was in business between 1860-1874. Although he died in 1871 [from measles] it is possible that his widow Georgiana Sophia nee Alt kept the business open as a going concern for a short time. However an advert for the premises was in The Western Daily Press January 1872: 'to jewellers, silversmiths and watchmakers - to be peremptorily disposed of,an old established and first class family business.....which has been carried on for the last half century by the late Frederick Crew and his father. The value of the stock is about £3000 but could be reduced to one half to suit a purchaser. Good house and business premised to be had on lease or purchsed. Apply to Mrs F.Crew'

C19th:  trading between 1835 - 1888, also a jeweller. An advert for Alfred Daniels (late W.Mapson) practical watchmaker, jeweller, silversmith, Long Street was in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard during 1880-81.  In August 1884 [Tetbury Advertiser] he was advertising for a respectable youth as apprentice to learn a thorough knowledge of the business.  After he finished trading there are a number of court cases involving Alfred claiming unpaid bills from assorted people within Tetbury.  It would seem he offered credit but perhaps was not so good at getting regular payments from his clients.  At the Easter vestry meeting of 1890 he asked for payment of a sum between £16 and £18 for winding the town clock, having been appointed to do so by the vestry some 10 years before.

C17th: he was mentioned in Churchwardens accounts. He had two sons - Francis, who received all the tools of Edward's trade, and John who was to be paid 40s[hillings] if he returned to Tetbury. In his will he listed his trade as blacksmith, but as part of this he repaired the church clock.

C19th: on Long Street and in trade 1849 - is this John the same as John Trewin below

C19th: mentioned in parish register of 1826 as watchmaker

early C19th but no more known

C19th: in business in 1820, wife Elizabeth & daughter Mary Ann

C18th: mid C18th but no more known

C19th: watchmaker in 1815. Married to Sophia, daughter Mary

C18th: mid C18th, children John & Sarah christened in 1760s

William MAPSON
C19th: born in 1840 Cirencester, son of Thomas, a watchmaker from Wotton Bassett, Wiltshire; married Sarah Ann Clark 1860 - ; 1863 was a clockmaker on Silver Street; some directories have Long Street as early as 1860, others in 1870, 1879 and 1880 directories watchmaker and jeweller on Long Street. An advert in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard of March 1881 shows that Alfred Daniels was now running the business.  By April 1881, aged 41, he is living in Kensington, London with wife and children, and is a watchmaker and local preacher - is this a son of William snr? A clock hanging in the Gospel Hall Chapel on Hampton Street was made by him. This was removed in the 1980s when it was replaced by a more modern clock. By  1891 he was in Hungerford, Berkshire and by 1911 also a photographer .
Died 30/12/1916 at High Street, Hungerford.

William MILLS
C18th: married to Mary Hill in 1769. They had a son, William who also became a watchmaker. He was born in 1770, and married Mary Thomas in 1795.

C19th: he was in charge of maintaining the Market House Clock between 1816 until 1852. He earned the annual sum of £2 2s for this job. In 1850 his premises were in Market Place. He was born in Brokenborough in 1776 and probably died in 1859. His wife, Sarah was born in Devon, and in 1861 she was still living on Market Place. At one time he had an apprentice, James Melluish, who he took on in 1813 for a seven year term, but this was terminated after about three years for a sum of £15.

C19th: George Sattely, son of Zechariah from Sherston Magna, Wiltshire a watchmaker. albert William son of George was born in 1895. He worked with his father and continued the business after his father's death in 1921. George had a brother, Albert of Rock Villa, Tetbury who assisted in the business up until his death in August 1902.
1888 onwards listed in trade directory as clock and watchmaker, jeweller etc. In 1914 he was in Market Place. He also maintained the Market House Clock - his apprentice had to wind it by hand.
23 Market Place in the 1935 directory

Christopher SEALY
C19th: born c.1826 in Sutton Benger, Wiltshire. He lived on Harper Street and was a watchmaker

Thomas SEALY
C19th: married to Sarah, with a daughter Elizabeth [1840]. Thomas had premises on Market Place and was in business 1838-1840. He made Nympsfield Church clock.

C18th:  he worked in Tetbury before he married in 1764, and later moved to Minchinhampton

William Edward TERRETT
C20th: 1898-1965

C19th: was in the Market Place in 1850 and 1860. Is this John Frewin?

C19th: he married Bridget [1825-1895], from Cornwall, and they had at least two children, Maria & Richard H. His father was William. In both 1851 & 1861 his occupation is listed on the census as watchmaker. As no premises are listed in any directories I presume he was in the employ of another.

C19th: of Long Street, was in business between 1860-1879

C19th: he was only in Tetbury for a short time around the 1820s. he moved onto Newnham & then Malmesbury. Brother of Edmund Weight, Market Place. Dursley. c1820-1822

Thomas WOOD
C18th: moved to Painswick.
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