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Cirencester Road

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Cirencester Road is not to be confused with Cirencester Street of C13th, which has also been called "Cicester Street", later known as Gumstool Hill and Union Street.
In 1781 Chipping Lane was widened and the road from the north corner of The Chipping was cut in the same period making access to the town much easier.
In 1860 there was the 'Oak Inn' [or the Royal Oak], three cottages, one house and seven parcels of land
In the 1940s a private housing development took place on the Manor House parkland

Beale [1901]; Beard [1881]; Cleverley [1901]; Compton [1861, 1871, 1881]; Foulsham [1901]; Fry [1881]; Hill [1861, 1871, 1881]; Mitchell [1901]; Poole [1881]; Screen [1881]; Sharp [1881]; Sparrow [1901]; Topps [1881];


1901 The Elms
1901 Rock Villa

Tetbury Industrial Estate

House in occupation of F.Ind, very old stone and stone tile cottage standing at crossroads, consisted of one up and one down and back kitchen, lean to washhouse etc outside.  Fair garden, and well water.  For valuation purposes it was included with Highfield Farm.

Records of Bruton, Knowles and Co. of Gloucester, estate agents, auctioneers and values.
Catalogue Ref. D2299
ref.  D2299/22170  - date: 1971-1974
Tetbury Mills Ltd, Old Cirencester Road, Tetbury: correspondence; valuation
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