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The cinema was built c.1921 by Mr Shaw Phillips in old stables at The White Hart, which were converted for this purpose.  Prior to this film was shown in the Assembly Rooms.  The newly built cinema was built partly with timbers from the town Cricket Pavilion which was dismantled during the 1st World War, according to a report in the Western Daily Press 9/4/1936 and 29/9/1950.  In September 1921 a cinematography license for a year was granted to Mr T.E.Rennie.
In October 1922 the cinema license was renewed by the magistrates.
Disaster struck in June 1931 when fire nearly destroyed the building, and was reported in The Times, Cheltenham Chronicle and the Wilts & Glos Standard. The bravery of the manager, George Adams who managed to usher out the audience (comprising 60 children and  a few women) without panic, and the attempts of the projectionist, Francis Dorin, who tried to extinguish the fire were commended.  Francis was burnt on both arms.
It reopened for business after rebuild in January 1932 now with facilities for talking films.  Apparently the local film buffs were travelling to Cirencester to see films during the six months without their local cinema.
15 January 1934 was the second anniversary of the reopening
A newer and larger cinema was planned in 1936 and it's plans passed at the Police Court in April 1936.  There was to be seating for 100 more people and the balcony was to be done away with.  
On 7th December 1936 Lady Helena Gibbs opened the new Palace Cinema, Mr A.C.Myhill was the manager.  Mr Myhill managed the cinema until September 1950 when it was sold to Mr J.L.Mott.
A late bus was scheduled for Saturday nights to enable those living in the converted Nissan huts at Long Newnton to travel to and from the cinema in December 1950.
The cinema finally closed, probably in April 1962 taking away an  entertainment much loved by young and old alike.  
After a gap of over 50 years cinema has finally returned as a leisure option with the opening of the Goods Shed developed in one of the old railway buildings.  Amongst other entertainment they have regular film nights.  More information can be found here.

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