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Church Lane

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Church Lane, now known as The Green, runs between Silver Street and Church Street.  The best known buildings along this single carriageway road are the Almshouses and the Vicarage.

The vicarage, which was rebuilt for John Wight in 1771-2, is described in 1857 by Alfred Lee, curate as "commodius Vicarage House and garden opposite the parish church"
As vicar, the incumbent was entitled to the vicarial tithes, or small tithes and in Tetbury he was also "endowed with the whole tithes of Doughton and Upton, and of the rest of the parish except The Grange, all but corn."
Building control applications and plans 1949 1st March for Rev.W.S.Llewellyn; architect: Stratton Davis & Yates          
Gloucestershire Archives ref.DA 36/710/2/364

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Rev Frampton [vicarage]
Mrs Benjamin [2 cottages]
George Sealy [1 cottage]
Tetbury parish poor rates - Gloucestershire Archives ref. P328a/OV1/32
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