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Chipping Steps Burial Ground

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Around 1705 the Presbyterians built a chapel at the bottom of the Chipping Steps. Rev. Thomas Jones 1675-1745 may have built this at his own expense. By 1861 the church owned the cottage next door (37 Chipping Steps) which was used as a Manse. In 1953 it was listed as a building of special interest and sold in 1959 for £100.  
The chapel was demolished but their burial ground remains.   
Many of the stones are damaged and therefore without paper records it is impossible to work our who some of the memorial stones are commemorating. One of the more elaborate graves has a mason’s signature on the side: a Cirencester mason by the name of Newcombe.
Daniel Vanstone
In loving memory of Daniel Vanstone   
Who died March 17 1860
Aged 64yrs
Faint inscription
Also Elizabeth
Who died ? 1878?
Faint inscription at bottom to another Daniel Vanstone?

In loving memory of Mother
Widow of William Cull
Who died 25th July 1907
Aged 77
Also of
Francis Cull
Son of the above
Who died April 9th 1924
Aged 59yrs
Also of Albert Thomas Cull
Son of the above
Who died Sept 8th 1926

Rev William Henry Dash
died April 9 1932 aged 76 years

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