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14 cottages owned by John Price, Daniel Lewis, John Cook,  J.G. Goodwyn, & Salter; 2 houses with land owned by James Lewis.

Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 18 February 1911 page 4 col.b

It may not be generally known that there is situated in Chavenage Lane, nr Tetbury, an institution known as a Gloucestershire Holiday Home.  Last year 63 women and 31 children benefitted by the Home and amongst this number were several poor mothers who were terribly run down owing to many cases to want of sufficient food.  A nominal charge of 5s per week for adult visitors and 3s per week for children over 5 years is made but this is not sufficient to defray the entire expenses incurred during four or five weeks that they are in the home.  The difference is made up by subscriptions and donations which were slightly increased last year.  In spite of the increase there would have been a heavy deficit had it not been for the generous help of Mr & Mrs Lowsley-Williams of Chavengage House in organising entertainments and a unique bazaar in the summer months from which £100 was realised and which placed at the bank a small credit balance instead of, as in former years, there being a deficit.

The home is situated in a very healthy and open country and is the property of Mr G.Lowsley Williams who kindly furnished it throughout and who receives no rent therefrom.  Mrs L.W. who is the hon.superintendent devotes a great deal of time to the work of the home and has a kind word for each person who enters and sees to their comfort in every way and oft times inn the summer months taking them fruit and other luxuries from Chavenage House.  Sister Hart is the matron and is a person of great practical experience in such work and she would feel very grateful for gifts of any kind, also old linen and secondhand garments if sent to the Home.  Views of the home,forms of admission and any further information can be obtained on application to the matron.  The Secretary was Mrs Mellish, Coombe House

Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 12 April 1913 page 3 col.e

The Gloucestershire Country Holiday Home, Chavenage Lane had opened again for the season. Sister Hart was again in charge.  The home offered rest for mothers recovering from illness, who sometimes were allowed to bring their children with them.

Gloucester Journal - Saturday 11 July 1914

Mr T.S.Crew presided over a special meeting of the Urban District Council at the town hall to consider tenders for sinking a well on the proposed site for the new water supply situate near Veizey's Quarry, Chavenage Lane, and the necessary test pumping. The Council's Consulting Engineer, Mr Henry J.Weaver of Gloucester and Westminster attended the meeting.  It was decided to accept the tender of Messrs. Johnson Brothers of Gresham Chambers, George Street, Gloucester and it is intended that the work shall be proceeded with at once.

Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 19 July 1919 page 6 col.e

Part of Col.F.Henry's property was offered for public competition by Messrs.C.F.Moore, Allen & Innocent.  Two enclosures on Chavenage Lane with shed and yard failed to sell unfortunately.

Gloucester Citizen - Wednesday 19 September 1923 page 3 cols.a/b

The owner of some of the cottages on Chavenage Lane, Sir Washington Ranger, complained to the Ministry of Health that Tetbury Rural District Council failed in it's duties to supply the cottages with water - they fell just outside the urban boundary. The Urban District had offered the Rural District 20000 gallons of water weekly, and their mains were just yards away.  The Rural District said that if they supplied these few cottages all the cottages in the Rural District would want serving in the same way. The water supplying the cottages was from shallow wells which were providing unhealthy water - the Ministry of Health noted the number of water borne diseases that affected the area.  The only way the residents could obtain healthy drinking water was by stealing from the Urban District supply [see Charlton Lane].

Gloucester Citizen - Friday 21 September 1923

The Rural District Council had written to the Urban District Council's offer of 20000 gallons of water per week to supply the seven cottages in Chavenage Lane still stood.

ref.  DA 36/710/1/24  - date: 20.12.1934 New house, Chavenage Lane (plans); owner: T. Cox Tetbury Rural District Council Building Applications and Plans

Swindon Advertiser and North Wilts Chronicle - Wednesday 07 October 1936

The Ministry of Health was to be consulted over the drainage on Chavenage Lane which led to discussion on the whole town's sewerage which was felt to be inadequate.  When there was heavy rainfall the drains were unable to cope and if the proposed new houses went ahead and were linked to the current system the whole problem would become so much worse.

ref.  DA 36/710/2/39  - date: 13.08.1937 Twelve loose-boxes & stables, The Folly, Chavenage Lane (plans); owner: Lady Lindsay; agent: Mr. Blackmore Tetbury Rural District Council Building Applications and Plans

ref.  DA 36/710/2/41  - date: 21.09.1937 Loose-boxes, The Folly, Chavenage Lane (plans); owner: Lady Lindsay Tetbury Rural District Council Building Applications and Plans

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DA 36/710/2/164  - date: 29.02.1944 Sewer connection, bathroom & W.C., 4 Chavenage Lane.; owner: Mrs. Cox; agent: Holborow & Sons

ref.  DA 36/710/2/179  - date: 19.09.1945 Addition of bedroom to cottage, Chavenage Lane. Plan withdrawn (plans); owner: C. Robins; builder: Holborow & Sons

ref.  DA 36/710/2/235  - date: 11.06.1946 New larder, 4 Chavenage Lane (plans); owner: Mrs. L. Cox

Western Daily Press - Friday 19 September 1947 page 3 col.f

30 houses for new Tetbury site - progress with building scheme

A new site for these 30 houses had been identified on Chavenage Lane and tenders were invited for various types of house to be submitted.

ref.  DA 36/710/2/355  - date: Jan. 1949 Drainage system, 15 Chavenage Lane. Letter included linking 355 and 356.; owner: Lady Lindsay; agent: Holborow & Son

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ref.  DA 36/710/2/360  - date: Feb. 1949 Drainage system, 11 Chavenage Lane.; owner: Mr. R. L. Tanner;

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