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Edwards and Sons
The company of Edwards & Son began in Malmesbury, WIL 1843. Thomas Edwards was a wheelwright and lived on Bristol Road, Malmesbury in 1851.  Son, John Elford Edwards was working alongside his father by 1861 and they were living on Oxford Street, Malmesbury. By 1881 they had progressed to coachbuilding and had an apprentice coachbuilder. In 1901 Thomas is no longer listed and John was still working in Malmesbury.  In 1915 Edwards & Sons was still working in Malmesbury as coachbuilders.
By 1971 they were making pinewood kitchen units and furniture as a result of public demand. In the same year they were also taken over by Benjamin Burchnall.  By 1975 they were making bespoke kitchens.  According to an advert in Cotswold Life magazine wooden agricultural buildings were a specialty of the firm.

Tetbury town guide 1971
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Cotswold Life April 1975

John Hussey moved to Tetbury between 1861 & 1871. Before this he worked as a painter in his home town of Chideok, DOR.  In 1871 he was a boarder with Isaac Baylis, his wife, and their daughter, Kate who was 6 years old.  John was 26 and occupation given as a plumber glazier etc.
In 1881 he was still a boarder with Isaac Baylis & wife, daughter Kate. Isaac was a plumber, & glazier, and his wife a beerhouse keeper. They were living on Church Street. John was 35 & a plumber & gasfitter.  In 1891 John Hussey was 45, still single and the head of the household on Church Street. His housekeeper was Martha Baylis, widow of Isaac. He was a plumber & gas fitter. He married Kate Baylis in 1894 in Gloucester Registration district.
Son Charles William was born in 1896. By 1901 there was another son, Stanley, and they lived on Union Street, John was a plumber & glazier, and an employer.
1887-1889 directories list John Hussey Plumber Church Street and in 1914 Charles William Hussey plumber, gasfitter, painter & decorator & mechanical engineer,  Union Street  with Telephone Number 50 Tetbury.  By 1923-1928 his entry was: C.W.Hussey Kimberley House engineer plumber decorator

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