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Tetbury, as a town, suffered a period of decline in the late C19th, apart from in the brewing industry. In the C18th there were four maltsters. In Pigots directory of 1844 George Clark, John Cook, Mary Warn and Thomas Witchell are listed as Maltsters.
John Cook started his brewery in former wool warehouses at the bottom of Hampton Street. John Warn and Thomas Witchell both ran malt houses in 1820 and they went into brewing. All three breweries continued into the C20th.
Tetbury Brewery is described in an article by David Viner, which appeared in a journal of the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology 1984:
"The character of this fine group of C19th buildings is captured in the photograph in CA Buchanan's survey 'Batsford guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Central Southern England' (1980). Although out of use for its original purposes for over 50 years, this group was used as a laundry and remained virtually unchanged externally during that period.
The central 4-storey block is in stone, with a slate roof and red ridge ornamentation. It has a high pediment and a hipped roof, matched at a lower level by the flanking 2 and 3 storey buildings which are topped by louvred structures, almost oriental in character. the whole is completed by the inscription "Tetbury Brewery established 1800" incorporated within the pediment design. Rehabilitation of the whole site during 1983-84 has included conversion of the former brewery buildings to other commercial and industrial uses, so that their future seems assured for a further period. However, site redevelopment has its price, in this case the loss of the adjoining engine house which stood in the way of the new access road and was demolished almost without a record being made. A fine example of its size and type this stack was stone built and had a robust character offset by the slim detailing of the brick chimney linking it with the other buildings. Together with the other roof details, the engine house and its chimney stack formed a prominent feature of the Tetbury skyline."
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