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Book Traders

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This section includes all those working in the book, bookbinding, printing, stationary or associated trades.

James Bennet
Bookseller & stationer, Long Street in 1822

Trading as a Printer in Tetbury in 1836.

Trading in Tetbury as a bookseller in 1784

Isaac Cooley
Stationer, Church Street in 1863-1874

Martin Henry Davies
Bookseller and stationer on the Market Place in 1860, with his mother Mary, a widow, nee Withers. In 1868-70 trading as Mary Ann Davies.

John Gale Goodwyn
Bookbinder, printer, bookseller and librarian/owner of a circulating library, with premises on Long Street in 1839 & 1860. References to his trade are made between the years of 1799 and 1860, the earlier relating to his father, John Goodwyn. John snr died in 1832 leaving a comprehensive will which was proved in London on the 16th June 1832. John snr. was a wealthy man with government stocks, his property, and his business. This was left to his wife, the interests managed by trustees, and the company run by son John Gale Goodwyn. If he 'made a good job of it' he was to be allowed to buy the company at a fair rate. The will is not easy to read, and if a copy is required I can supply one. His printing company has references on the Gloucester Archives catalogue

Jeremiah Grant
Bookseller, Market Place in 1840

Thomas Hill
Printer, bookseller and newsagent in 1876-1897. He published the Tetbury Advertiser and Malmesbury Chronicle on the first Wednesday of each month. His premises were on Long Street. Also operated a circulating library.

Thomas Hinton
Bookseller in Tetbury around 1720, living at The Talbot. He married Anne Burroughs on the 21st February 1719 and she died from smallpox in 1723.

Archibald Johnstone
He lived in the Queen's Arms, Tetbury at the time of his death, from ill health, in 1699. His occupation in his will is listed as a chapman, a peddler of chapbooks (small books or pamphlets of poems, ballads, stories or religious tracts). He left a wife, Anne, and two children of 'tender years', John and Margaret (John was born c.1695 and Margaret c.1696.) Friends listed as overseers of the will were Daniel Johnstone and Christopher Je?, both of Tetbury. His wife was the sole executor, and all was left to John with provisos if he didn't survive until his 21st birthday. Witnesses to the will were Alice Clark, Gawin Smith and Thomas Steadman, and it was signed on 6th December 1698

Charles Slocombe
Book & music seller, stationer, Market Place in 1876

J. Wilton
Bookseller and Printer in Tetbury in between c1780-1797. He published under the name of The Apollo Press. Around 1798 Mr Wilton started a fortnightly periodical called “The County Oracle and Political Intelligence”.

Margaret Woodward
Bookseller, printer and stationer in business in Tetbury, references are made in 1840, 1842 & 1844.

JC News
The present JC News in Long Street was a bookseller, newsagent and printing works for much of the C19 and C20, mostly under the name of Wrights. Until quite recently the printworks was still there.

see JC News

Hyett, F A; Notes on the first Bristol and Gloucestershire printers (Reprinted from the Transactions of the Bristol and Glouc Arch Soc Vol 20 pp 38-51)
The British Book Trade Index is available online

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