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Tetbury Rural District Council Building Applications and Plans
Building control applications and plans 1936-1949
Document Ref DA36/710/2/224
Building control application and plans: workshop, The Berrells, Cutwell, Date 1946 Owner: Mr R. Philpot

Document Ref DA36/710/2/172
Building control application and plans: additions to bungalow and garage, The Berrells, 16 July
Date 1945 Owner: Mrs F. P. Young
Garage plan disapproved

Document Ref DA36/710/2/102
Building control application and plans: garage for two lorries, The Berrells, Cutwell, 7 March
Date 1939
Owner: W. Baker

Gloucestershire County Council

New street orders
Document Ref C/CH/On/15
Title TETBURY UPTON: Berrells Road and Long Furlong Lane (part) Revocation Order 25/1/95
Date 1955

Title Gloucestershire County Council: Previous reference 35227 (Cutwell, Tetbury) (7.5 tonnes maximum gross weight restriction) Order 2003
Date 2003
Description Road numbers 41551 Berrells Road, Tetbury, 41500 Cutwell, Tetbury, 41500 Knapp, Tetbury, 41518 West Street, Tetbury
NumberofDocs 1 file
Notes Road Traffic Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
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