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Bath Road

Bath Road was the principal road into the town being the Bristol to Oxford route.

The road was turnpiked in 1743 and in 1774 the turnpike commissioners employed a local mason, Thomas Webb to build Bath Bridge.  Levelling commenced in November 1774 and the bridge completed in April 1776. Previously the road was very steep and a dangerous way into the town.  This improvement established the route as the main entrance into the town from the south.  This part of the town was also enhanced by the building of the new church in the 1770s.

Lee, Alfred T; History of the town & parish of Tetbury; 1857

Bath Bridge Photographed in 2005 for Historic England


Pub. W. Dennis Moss, Cirencester SR6Postcards/290.34GS

Pub. Cotswold Publishing Company, Wotton under Edge



Early Twentieth Century view.

Cotswold Collotype, Wotton-under-Edge c.1910 GPS/328/13

1950's Postcard view photograph of town of Tetbury from Bath Road; church visible from South West. GPS/328/51


Cottages and land in Bath Road and Cutwell; covert called Tidcomes Gorse, at Tetbury Upton


Building Control

Addition of two rooms, 9 Bath Road, 21 July

Owner: B. Jones

Architect, agent or builder: E. Cole & Partners, Cirencester


Addition of bedroom to The Limes, December

Owner: Holborow & Sons

Architect, agent or builder: Holborow & Sons, Tetbury


Description  Owner: Mrs Holborow

Architect, agent or builder: Holborow & Sons, Tetbury

[see also entry 126 in Council Register DA36/715/1]


W.c. and drainage, The Pike, Bath Road, May

Owner: C. Brown

Architect, agent or builder: Holborow & Sons, Tetbury


Drainage system, 9 Bath Road, May

Owner: B. Jones

Architect, agent or builder: Holborow & Sons, Tetbury


Proposed conversion of stables into living accommodation, "The Limes", Bath Road, 30 January

Owner: Mrs C. H. Holborow

Architect, agent or builder: Holborow & Sons, Tetbury


Gloucestershire County Council: Environment, Network Improvements

Bath Road Bridge, Tetbury, 1952-1991

K1810 [uncatalogued collection - contact Gloucestershire Archives before visiting to see this collection]

Road Management

30 m.p.h. and 40 m.p.h. speed limits, A433, Bath Road, Tetbury [PLT 155]


Deeds, mainly leases by Feoffees of borough properties [detailed abuttals are stated in most of the deeds]

D 566/T/2/23

D 566/T/2/25

Conveyance of newly erected messuage in Chipping Lane, Tetbury and tenement/room adjoining, used as chapel, and of a cottage, garden and premises in tithing of Charlton, parish of Tetbury, near the Bath Bridge on the turnpike road (the garden being used as a cemetery)


Newspaper, Magazines and Journals:

Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 18 June 1910 page 5 col.h

Mrs Mary Foulsham of Hatfield Cottage, Bath Road left £3110 gross in her lately proved will.

Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 01 August 1925 page 7 col.d

In a report of the Tetbury Urban Council the plans for the erection of a bungalow on a site near Bath Road, for Mr Alfred Taylor were discussed and passed.  A subsidy of £100 was granted in accordance with the housing scheme adopted by the council.


Ball 1904;  Clutterbuck 1946; Cook 1947; Cull 1935; Foulsham 1910 [Hatfield Cottage];Knapp 1932; Pegler 1936; Pritchard 1915; Smith 1891-1893 [Southfield Cottage]; Woolgar 1948;

1891-1893 M.Smith Southfield Cottage

1904 The Arches Charles Ball

1910 Hatfield Cottage Foulsham

1915 Pritchard

1932 Knapp

1935 Cull

1936 Pegler

1946 Clutterbuck retired postman who received the

Imperial Service Medal.

1947 Cook

1948 Woolgar