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Before the main bridge was built across the valley the main route into the town was steep and difficult to access.  A small bridge over the stream formed the dry route in wet weather but as anyone who has climbed up the former Black Horse Hill will know - it’s steep either up or down.

In 1774 the turnpike commissioners employed a local mason, Thomas Webb, to build Bath Bridge. Levelling commenced in November 1774 and the bridge was completed in April 1776.

Newspapers, Magazines and Journals:


Gloucester Journal - Saturday 07 January 1882 page 8 col.f

The Clerk of the County Works reported at a meeting of Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions that Bath Bridge was out of repair [along with several others in the county]


Report of Bankruptcy of Bath Bridge Garage appeared in several local newspapers.


Face of Gloucestershire, the story of Tetbury; Little, Bryan; Gloucestershire countryside, Vol. 7, 1949-52, p. 462-5 Illustrations include: church from across Bath Bridge

Gloucestershire Archives

Tetbury rural district official guide c.1949

Publisher  Hy. Ling Ltd., printer; United Services Handbooks, publisher

Illustrations include:church and Bath bridge from Cutwell

R300.13(1)GS* R300.13(2)GS* R300.22GS


Cottage and land near the Bath Bridge


Cottage near the Bath Bridge


Tetbury Bath Bridge, Lease of one arch of Tetbury Bath Bridge or Viaduct with letters


Conveyance of newly erected messuage in Chipping Lane, Tetbury and tenement/room adjoining, used as chapel, and of a cottage, garden and premises in tithing of Charlton, parish of Tetbury, near the Bath Bridge on the turnpike road (the garden being used as a cemetery)(Withers & Williams, Tyndall Drew)


Cotswold Division bridge register 1-400: Bath Bridge [Tetbury] (188); Drawbridge [Tetbury] (189)