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According to Lee “at the present time [1857] eight poor women reside in the Alms House; each having a room rent free and receiving about 30s a year from different benefactions left for that purpose. When a vacancy occurs the Feoffees fill it up.”
However, the almshouses were in existence for at least two centuries before this. For more information read the extract from the Victoria County History.
By 1919 the sum received was about £2 2s 8d per year per woman plus entitlement to claim relief under a bequest of Dr Richard Filkin. Monies left for the benefit of the Almshouse charities include £50 left by Esther Clark 1774; £20 by Eleanor Ludlow 1804; £20 by Sarah Ludlow 1816

Known residents:
Baldwin 1841; Bamford 1841; Dicks 1871, 1881; Golding 1871, 1881; Hambridge 1841; Harris 1851, 1861; Lock 1861; Screen 1861, 1871; Tugwell 1901; Whitehead 1861; Winterson 1851, 1861; Witts 1871;

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